Three Garbages in One Garbage

Presenting… the Tri3. It will solve all your problems. It can do everything. The Tri3 is a garbage… that can open in three ways – DON’T FREAK OUT NOW! Stay with me here! It’s not some alien technology, some futuristic freakshow horror android, no; it’s just simple, straight up ergonomics.

Designers Guisset Constance & Cid Grégory have a treat for you.

It is the space saver.

It is the Tri3.

In their own words…

The left pedal opens the highest can in a traditional way. This can is for general discarding. A bag dispenser is available here. The middle pedal makes the second can rotate around a decentered axe. This can is for packaging, plastic etc. The right pedal makes the last can move towards the user. The last can is for glas discarding.

Easy enough? I can’t help but be skeptical of this garbage being truly space-saving since it has to extend in more than one way if I’d like to open more than one container. However, I do love me some floor pedals…

Designers: Guisset Constance & Cid Grégory