Three Garbages in One Garbage

Presenting… the Tri3. It will solve all your problems. It can do everything. The Tri3 is a garbage… that can open in three ways – DON’T FREAK OUT NOW! Stay with me here! It’s not some alien technology, some futuristic freakshow horror android, no; it’s just simple, straight up ergonomics.

Designers Guisset Constance & Cid Grégory have a treat for you.

It is the space saver.

It is the Tri3.

In their own words…

The left pedal opens the highest can in a traditional way. This can is for general discarding. A bag dispenser is available here. The middle pedal makes the second can rotate around a decentered axe. This can is for packaging, plastic etc. The right pedal makes the last can move towards the user. The last can is for glas discarding.

Easy enough? I can’t help but be skeptical of this garbage being truly space-saving since it has to extend in more than one way if I’d like to open more than one container. However, I do love me some floor pedals…

Designers: Guisset Constance & Cid Grégory


  • Eric says:

    I’ve thought about all in one can’s for a while cause I think they are brilliant, but I’ve come to one conclusion: To have that many options in the same amount of space means your taking out the trash/recycling every other visit. I need bigger bins, I don’t live alone! That would have to get changed 2 maybe even 3 times a day at my house (one or all of the bins.) Maybe for single households this would work, but most of us have found our methods of disposal already and I like filling my bigger, separate bins on a 1-2 day schedule… Face it, it’s either immediate convenience (by having all bins together. Faster.) Or it’s delayed convenience (by emptying bigger bins less frequently) but you can’t have the best of both yet.

    • lalune says:

      Excellent idea!
      I’m french and not alone. This garbage is exactly proportionned with my family during 2 or 3 days.
      Others countries.. Others cultures!

      • Eric says:

        How about different strokes for different folks? I doubt every household in France could make this work too, I’m glad it would fit well in your home though! Who says nobody in the US would find this perfect for them? Different households, different needs, regardless of location.

  • matt says:

    great for single households id have to agree with eric

  • missy says:

    reminds me of the diaper genie… not sure about the size seems even small for single households.

    might work better as a storage bin for potatoes, onions and mushrooms…

  • zippyflounder says:

    to small (unless each is a trash compactor)and hello….no idication on the pedles of what go’s in to that bin so you might just end up mixing it all up anyway.

    • Eric says:

      They do say what each peddle does in the description, but I know what you mean. A friend visits and gets entirely confused; think they are all trash and they just step on the middle one probably…

  • b says:

    maybe if lalune said it in french it wouldnt come off as a petty one-up.

    anyway. family of four recycling plastic plus glass and also trash.. this is not the kitchen workhorse.

    pretty though.

  • Carl says:

    i like having one bin and letting the pondlife at the recycling centre pick through it for seperation purposes. you are fundermantally giving someone a free resource, (organic waste, glass & metals), let them do the dirty work!! its better than being a pretend friend to the enviromnet. Afterall you are the one buying plastic week after week.

    • Eric says:

      I’ve been begging for a service in my location that would allow that. Unfortunately for us we still have to separate it ourselves here, before it’s picked up and sorted through by them again. I think if all of it were mixed, facilities could sort it out and guarantee the maximum recycling output… Basically forcing people to recycle everything possible by doing it for their lazy asses.

  • Roxy says:

    love it! where can i buy it?

  • Boa tarde

    Possuem revendedor em São Paulo – Brasil?


  • Crea-T-V-T says:

    I like having one bin, but this is a great idea for those who want to separate their trash. Stinky trash like banana peel or fish, versus not stinky trash like bread or objects.

  • ryan says:

    how can i know the price?

  • Mathnerd3 says:

    Maybe it should have another compartment for composting?

  • mf says:

    wouldn’t two pedals be enough?
    Because with rotating the middle compartment you actually make the lower two compartments accessible.

  • yoshua says:

    I'd buy this.

  • Christefer says:

    I would like to know more about this product 🙂

  • Jimmy C says:

    this probably won't work well for people with bigger families, who need bigger trashcans.

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