Tech that lets you connect with kids…

We have all seen the nature shows where the baby deer wanders too far from its mom and gets pounced on by some hidden predator. Well aside from opposable thumbs, moms have a new way to differentiate themselves from our mammalian brethren. The “Link” Child Locator is a device that takes a page from the movie Alien, in that it allows for the tracking of your spawn as they hide in the clothing racks at your local Gap store. The product has 2 components, a bracelet worn by the child that contains a transmitter module that works at a range of up to 100′, and a watch-style bracelet worn by the parent that receives the child’s signal and indicates its direction and distance on a small LCD display. Hide-and-seek will never be the same.

Designer: Continuum Studio [ Via: I Love My Baby ]

Bracelet and receiver store together until needed.

Parent receiver on the left and on the right child bracelet that contains unique ID for each bracelet. Bracelet and strap are shaped to nest into each other.