Dandi Gentlemen Need Tech Too

The Cobalt is a response to the discerning public need for the next convergence device to blend elegance with simplicity and portability. The Cobalt’s round OLED touch screen allows easy access to all its features with a simple flick of the thumb left, right, up or down. The default screen shows time, date, temperature, and updates on voicemail, email and text. Completely customizable on every level, the default screen’s settings can be changed to suit your needs – from minimal analog hands to a full on digital display.

The Cobalt is designed with the style conscious in mind –  when Bluetooth technology can be seamlessly integrated with earrings and other accessories for all-day wearability. Along with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, there’s a hidden spot on the back for house keys. All I need is this, a monocle, top hat, and a walking stick.

Designer: Adam Huffman


  • ECA says:

    Cool item…
    There should be 2 versions…
    1 with/without CELL…

    What would also be nice is a computer interface, that would let you add the features you want.
    Pull them off of a web site, and add the features, and HOW they are displayed.

    • zippyflounder says:

      nice job, make the cover for the ‘watch” open a full 180 and you have a great cellphone that has ergonomics, style and function too…again well done.

    • Sam says:

      I love the idea of it been in a pocket watch.
      But i’m stil a kid and i can tell some of the stuff on there people won’t paticurly care about like the tempreture and stuff.

      I think there should be some form of setting’s on it were you can delete the stuff you won’t need.
      Also it could do with somthing so you can reply to the text and email’s, Cause there is no point recieving email’s on it just to read them, You need to be able to reply.

      If they sorted those point’s out i would certainly buy one.

      • Matt says:

        The article says it would be completely customizable, which implies the option to remove unwanted features.

  • 3sulBlog says:

    Really a cool gadget!!! I’m loving it!
    I’m agree with ECA for the version with CELL functions… I hope this concept will be in productione in a few months…

  • DieFledermaus says:

    I so want this, as a person who carries a pocket chronograph and is a lover of tech this is near perfect device. the email may not be really neccesary nor the mp3 playback.add a gps or similar compass like function instead and I would be fully sold.


  • devianaut says:

    all it needs is GOOD font choices… those above are TERRIBLE. however, i do love this concept. i’d definitely buy one 😉

  • Rabid Penguin says:

    On second inspection it really doesn’t look that cool. They need to given a cleaner interface that looks like it actually belongs there.

  • Cobolman2 says:

    I love pocketwatches, and I’d buy something *like* this.

    Somebody build this. 😛

  • Marco says:

    Why not make it communicate w/your cellphone via bluetooth and expose only the relevant info you pick? Have a simple web-based UI design app that queries your cellphone for datapoints and then uploads it to the Watch. A Multi-touch capability would be cool, but you could prolly get by with four buttons arranged around the circumference and then one more on the ‘stem’.

  • Hiphopopotamus says:

    This is just a Steampunk Sidekick.

  • MirDreams says:

    This is very cool and would be cooler with a bluetooth hook up so you could use jott to respond to text or email messages.

  • karina says:

    I agree that the fonts are terrible and that we should be able to remove things like the termperature or the texting at will, and adding a compass would actually be steampunkish genius! But god, I really want one. And I’m a girl!

  • kbraun819 says:

    the only thing i can say about this is…

    DO WANT!!!

  • planite says:

    This watch is really awesome. I love the design and wouldn’t mind having one instead of a cellphone. In other words if this was available I would definitely get one.

  • igreenspot says:

    great combination of classic + futuristic watch, love it !

  • Lim says:

    Erm… Touch screen inside with Classic watch packaging outside. Styling !!!

    Aesthetic is subjective 😀

  • joe says:

    a watch with those features will cost 1500$

  • haux says:

    this is not a $1500 concept. it’s a $400 concept. i have one already. it’s an iPhone.

    ok, this is an iPhone in a pocketwatch form factor. but, really, he hasn’t invented anything here. and, really, those interfaces should be a little more thematic: some slowly rotating brass gears and springs, little flipping chits for the text, etc.

    this is a lunchtime idea, photoshopped out in an hour. the only real “design” going on here is the interfaces, and they’re good, but not for this device. this kid is better at photoshop than industrial design.

    however, if i am misinterpreting this, and it is a real concept for production, i am happy to eat my words and pocket one of these gizmos myself. but what is showing and written here has the stink of a first year industrial design student project.

  • jayryde says:

    I really think that this watch is super cool. Suggestion though. Why not have the stem pull out to act as a pen to interact with the touch screen so that relpyin to text’s and emails would actually be possible. I also like the other comments on the bluetooth actin with your cell phone. More options as far as fonts, wallpapers, and uploadin images of your own would also be very cool.

  • max says:

    so… uh…

    can we get one of these?

  • compumaster says:


    simplicity + elegance + portability + technology???

    Now this is what I call – INNOVATION!

  • a says:

    i want one!

    • K says:

      -to be a moblie phone, with bluetooth headset
      -having protable memorycard
      -insert some leather maybe in the outside

      but I would like to have one,
      can anybody tell me if it is already on the market, and where to buy from???

  • Kevin says:

    Is this thing going into production!

    I want one nowww! :O

  • Aradraug says:

    I want to buy this clock, but where?

    can anyboby say, where i found a shop?

    it´s very cool, so retrochick

  • Volker Lipp says:

    How much costs the Dandi Gentlemen Need Tech Too?

  • Ben says:

    looks like the watch described in the novel “The Diamond Age or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer”

  • Sketch says:

    Where do I buy it? I’ve been wanting a cell phone hidden within a pocketwatch forever.

  • haha, they dont actually sell those things, do they?

  • Gerard says:

    I woudl buy this.

    I just had the idea, so I googled it, and here I am!

    Make it, and make it good.

  • Ugur Ekici says:

    Hi, how can i buy this watch? Please contact me, thanks.

  • David says:

    I'd love to buy this!!!

  • Aulus says:

    It looks like a great idea. I would most likely buy one. My only question is since it has a phone built in what carrier’s does it support, or does it connect to a seperate cell phone?

  • Luke says:

    Ok, it’s now 2013, and I can’t find this watch anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get one?

  • Luke says:

    Does anyone know where I can get one?

  • Helen says:

    how much is it? xD

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