This triple-eye LiDARs robot vacuum cleaner uses advanced AI to navigate and clean your home

If you think about it, there isn’t much difference on a software level between robot vacuum cleaners (or Roombas) and self-driving cars. They both move between locations, sense their surroundings, find efficient movement paths, and avoid obstacles on the way. The only real difference is their situation and context. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the 360 S10 is guided by the same hardware and software you’d see on cutting-edge self-driving vehicles. The 360 S10 is an ultra-slim robot that sweeps, mops, and vacuum cleans your house, but it’s powered by some extremely impressive technology, including 3 LiDAR sensors that give it incredible spatial awareness, allowing it to distinguish between obstacles, move around them, and even comfortably climb on top of carpets or go under sofas to clean every inch of your home’s floor before autonomously making its way back to its charging dock.

Outwardly, the 360 S10 looks the part of a robotic vacuum cleaner, with its disc-shaped design. At 3.35-inches tall, it slips under virtually any couch with ease, and the integrated LiDAR scanners sit flush within the S10’s body, resulting in a sleek and streamlined design. The three different LiDAR sensors allow the robot to see and scan its surroundings in a much more comprehensive way using advanced dToF detection technology. The Main Laser, Front Laser, and Wall Laser work in tandem to rapidly and accurately create a 3D map of the robot’s surroundings, eliminating any blind-spots and allowing the S10 to more comprehensively understand and avoid obstacles (yes, even dog-poop).

The 360 S10 is powered by a 4-core CPU running autonomous AI navigation algorithms comparable to self-driving vehicles. It maps out your house, allowing you to set up dedicated rooms, no-go spaces, and virtual walls. The device creates a map that allows it to operate in places with low wi-fi too, letting you use it on multiple floors, and in areas with lesser wi-fi access like the basement. The S10 comes outfitted with a powerful vacuum module with 4-stage suction adjustment, going from a relatively quiet 600Pa to a powerful 3300Pa for exceptionally dirty areas. The S10 automatically adjusts its suction power too, picking up everything from dust to furballs, human hair, and even crumbs and food. Meanwhile, it can detect carpets and rugs as well, automatically adjusting its suction power to clean out dirt and debris from in between your carpet’s fibers without damaging it.

When operating on the floor, the S10 senses the floor’s material (differentiating between wooden floors and tiled floors) and uses that data to control its mopping function. Armed with a 520ml water tank, the S10 mops your floor, adjusting the water spray’s intensity based on the floor’s material and how dirty it is. Its 5000mAh internal battery allows the S10 to operate for up to 3 hours at a stretch, and when it begins running low, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically makes its way back to its charging hub (even remembering where it left off and resuming from the same point). Around this time, you can easily access the S10’s 0.5-liter dirt tray, popping it out and emptying it in the trash.

The S10 can be configured via the 360 Robot app, which lets you do practically everything from designating rooms and no-go spaces, to even setting priority areas that need more cleaning. The app runs on Android as well as iOS, and comes available in 12 different languages, although the S10’s most impressive feature is also its integration with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Clova, so you could literally tell your robot to “clean the kitchen at 10 pm” and the S10 will promptly sweep and mop the floor when you’re done!

Designer: 360 Robot Team

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360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10

The S10 robot vacuum cleaner has triple-eye LiDAR sensors allowing it to 3D scan your home effectively. It detects objects as slim as .04 inches, then decides in real-time to steer clear or hoover it up, ensuring a thorough clean without any surprises.

Meanwhile, multi-floor mapping means the S10 can learn the layout of your home in seconds and optimize the most effective cleaning route. And with a 520ml intelligent water tank for mopping hard surfaces, powerful suction capabilities, and a slim 3.35-inch body, the S10 can handle whatever mess your home throws at it.

No More Blind Spots

The 3 powerful LiDAR sensors help the S10 size up your home and remove blind spots, meaning no more bumping into walls, and no problems.

Main Laser – Its main laser focuses on long-distance objects and can detect items from 6-8 meters ahead, meaning it can spot your toddler crawling in the distance or the furniture you moved while remodeling.

Front Laser – It can size up objects in its path taller than 0.4 inches, then navigate away or rollover to hoover them up, helping it steer away from magazines on the floor and surprises from Fido.

Wall Laser – The S10 uses a third laser to measure height, so it knows whether it can squeeze past or under obstacles – or if it should take a detour.

Small Obstacle Detection

Their engineers designed the S10 with a Front LiDAR sensor that can detect more than 100 different objects in your home.

dToF Smart Route Planning

The S10 uses the same navigation technology as NASA’s Mars Rover to learn your entire home in seconds. Its LiDAR sensors use a cutting-edge technology known as dToF – or Direct-Time-of-Flight – to shoot light pulses as it cleans your home. Compared to traditional LDS technology, the S10 offers 4X accuracy when recognizing objects, and 30% faster positioning. It can also handle areas with strong lightings, like balconies or the floor beside your sliding back doors.

3300Pa Max Suction Power

The S10 sucks up dirt and dust at a powerful 3300Pa. That’s around 1,000 Pascals more than the average robot cleaner. So its superior suction will dig in deep to clean the dirt you can’t see, while filtering dust in the process.

The S10 comes with 4 different suction modes to fit your home’s many moods and messes. So whether you’re drowning in dog hair or just want to cut down on cleaning time, you’ll find an option to suit your home.

Forget the Mop

The S10’s smart water tank adjusts the spray pressure depending on your floor’s surface. So it won’t over-soak the floors and damage them over time. And the mop will switch into high gear when it finds a tough floor stain. With an active pressure system that increases force when needed.

And with a 520ml smart water tank – the largest of any robot vacuum on the market – it can handle up to 2153 ft² of flooring in one go. Add your favorite disinfectant to the water tank to kill floor bacteria and give you that clean home smell.

Deep Clean Where You Can’t See

By putting the S10’s LiDAR sensors inside the body, it made it ultra-slim. So there’s no bulky sensor bumping into your furniture. The design allows the S10 to stay at just 3.35-inches high, so it can go all the places your other vacuum cleaner can’t.

Auto Carpet Detection

The S10 uses ultrasonic sensors to know what type of surface it’s on and changes its cleaning strategy. It can increase suction for thicker rugs, then lower power for slick tiles and hardwood.

Multi-floor Mapping Memory

The S10 can memorize up to 10-floor maps at a time. So it remembers your home and cleans every room, every time, even when you’re living large. It can also recognize different floors and switch among the maps automatically.

Set Up No-go Zones

The S10 will only go where you say it can. Just program a no-go zone into the app, and the S10 will stay out of a kid’s bedroom during nap-time or steer clear of the shelf where you keep grandma’s antiques.

Selected Room Cleaning

Simply program it into the app using the ‘Selected Room Cleaning’ feature, and the S10 will go over the area repeatedly until it gets the clean it needs.

500ml Capacity Dust Bin

With a washable 500ml capacity dust bin. It’s large enough that you’ll only have to empty it every two weeks. And one touch opening lets you toss the dirt without getting your hands dirty. Plus a mesh bin filter keeps long hairs from clogging it up.

Patented 10-Stage Noise Reduction

Clocking in at a smooth 60 decibels, the S10 works without making a fuss about it. A 10-stage noise reduction system helps the S10 keep a low-profile even while it’s working overtime. The S10’s patented noise-reduction system is pet-friendly. So it won’t set Fido on edge while making its rounds.

Click Here to Buy Now: $519 $799 (35% off). Hurry, only 8/15 left!