Cooking with a Twist

Here is a fun new way to cook that could either really annoy some chefs out there or really make many of us happy for the added built in convenience. The “Arcus” is a freestanding stove concept created in cooperation with Miele & CIE. AG. The interesting aspect of this stove is the built in ability to raise or lower the heat with a simple twist of the pot or pan you are cooking with. Need to lower the heat on your soup to a simmer? Simply twist the pot and the heat goes down. This is a great idea for those chefs that do not tend to handle the pots constantly during the cooking process. Another slightly more Zen feature is the built in waterfall framing the back of the stove. Before you laugh at that, know that this waterfall effect helps to reduce and draw away steam, reducing constant unwanted facials and fogged glasses.

Designer: Manuel Perez Prada