Cooking with a Twist

Here is a fun new way to cook that could either really annoy some chefs out there or really make many of us happy for the added built in convenience. The “Arcus” is a freestanding stove concept created in cooperation with Miele & CIE. AG. The interesting aspect of this stove is the built in ability to raise or lower the heat with a simple twist of the pot or pan you are cooking with. Need to lower the heat on your soup to a simmer? Simply twist the pot and the heat goes down. This is a great idea for those chefs that do not tend to handle the pots constantly during the cooking process. Another slightly more Zen feature is the built in waterfall framing the back of the stove. Before you laugh at that, know that this waterfall effect helps to reduce and draw away steam, reducing constant unwanted facials and fogged glasses.

Designer: Manuel Perez Prada


  • john smith says:

    crap….why would you want to fine-tune the heat by turning the stove/pan when you can integrate other controls that have that specific function in a much easier/safer to use manner?….

  • Scot Shimamura says:

    Love the waterfall…of course you would have to build an island or eating counter around the dang thing since every child, and child-at-heart is going to stick their fingers in thing. I agree with John. Great exercise in design, however I’m not sold on the twist control.

  • Scot Shimamura says:

    Was this at KBIS?

  • igreenspot says:

    waterfall effect on my kitchen … hm … no no … don’t like it

  • Lim says:

    OMG… well just my personal comment. This will never sell to the chinese because, Water element directly with Fire near by, totally a disaster….

  • Christine says:

    What if you can’t twist the pot because of the handles interfere with adjacent pots and pans. And if you need to hold the pan with your left hand, the handle must stay to the left (obviously) otherwise it would cause discomfort. I don’t like this twisting idea.

  • arne bollensen says:

    yes,it is nice. looks transparent too. Please have a look on MY cooking Island.Regards Arnie Bollensen

  • Jordan says:

    The design is fantastic—its precise lines and curves convey a clean, technical aesthetic which seems to have sprung full-formed from the draughtsman’s blueprints. Like others, I’m extremely curious as to the practicality of twisting the pan. Has this been tested in real kitchens? What are the results?

    (Incidentally, some of the comments here really bolster Miss Wanders’ disdain for the virtual toilet door. A dismissive crap—anonymous, uncapitalised, and afforded the dignity of its own sentence in prelude to a speculative and poorly punctuated objection—hardly constitutes an intelligent or worthwhile contribution. If you have doubts, why not express them politely?)

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