This minimal hanging wall art actually transforms into a modular sofa unit fit for every living room!

The Summit Sofa is a dual-purpose, modular furniture design that blends a changeable, functional couch together with a minimalist piece of artwork.

Like every worthwhile lifestyle change, downsizing to meet the demands of tiny living comes with its own set of challenges. The secret to making the most of tiny spaces comes down to finding the right furniture. Following the surge in popularity of tiny living, designers have come out with versatile and modular furniture products to make tiny living feel spacious without taking up too much space. The Summit Sofa from Mousarris, a Cyprus-based interior design company, redefines what versatile and modular furniture can look like, merging artwork and functional furniture into a single design.

Dual-purposed by design, the Summit Sofa is made up of curved cushions with integrated magnets that allow them to attach to one another to form different sofa configurations and the sofa’s main magnetic board to create a minimalist piece of wall artwork. When propped up on its magnetic base, the Summit Sofa’s sinuous cushion modules fit into one another like pieces to a puzzle. When users would like to create their own sofa, they can remove the cushions from the magnetic base and attach modules together to create countless configurations. When the modules are attached to the base, the user’s living and floor areas remain clear for plenty of space. Then, on movie nights or when guests arrive, the Summit Sofa can be detached from the magnetic base to become a sofa.

Sometimes the most practical furniture isn’t the most beautiful. Tiny living shouldn’t mean compromising your taste in interior design for functionality. With Mousarris’s Summit Sofa, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics just to save space. When displayed on the magnetic board, the Summit Sofa creates a minimalist display of artwork to tie any room together. Then, when used as furniture, the Summit Sofa can be configured in any arrangement to fit your room and taste.

Designer: Mousarris