Herbalicious Furniture

Design student Elliot Mariess needed to come up with something new and off kilter for his degree so naturally he envisioned any space should and could have an aromatic herb garden. This simple looking dresser is more than meets the eye – inside is a whole garden living off a low wattage bulb. Not only do you get fresh herbs, but it naturally filters the air, keeps stank off your clothes, and makes us all look like green thumbs.

Designer: Elliott Mariess


  • Vaness says:

    Awesome idea, but I see a fundamental design flaw – herbs will have a serious problem surviving in such low light conditions. From the picture it is clear that they haven’t been in there very long. Mildrew and other fungus, along with elongation of stems will both be serious problems. Herbs by their nature are high-light plants – in less than idea conditions they will suffer disease problems. Also, their aromatic compounds develop best in high light surroundings.

  • mariess says:

    simple answer that one Vaness pop a better bulb in their. 🙂

  • l3utterfish says:

    the designer should use natural light to feed the plants.

    Why dont you place the plants in the upper level with a transparent glass covering. then you will have light, and furthermore, you will SEE your lovely green plants.

  • Lim says:

    I think this idea is interesting but, well as Vaness said, it still can be improved much more.

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