Balmuda’s aesthetic automatic coffee machine lets you experience the brewing process

As a certified coffee addict, my dream is to have all sorts of coffee making things in my kitchen. For now, I have the usual more affordable ones like french press, pour over, mini coffee maker, and a coffee capsule machine. Eventually I would love to have an actual espresso machine and other gizmos and gadgets that can give me the best brew I can have. There are also times when I’d like to have something that can bring a more aesthetic look to my kitchen and at the same time make me coffee the way I like it.

Designer: Balmuda

The Brew is an automatic coffee maker that makes you look cooler as you make your caffeine fix not just because of its design but also the way it brings you your pour-over coffee. The main purpose of the machine, aside from actually making coffee, is to give you the whole sensory experience including the aroma, the visuals, and the taste. The machine should feel at home in a coffee shop and in your kitchen.

Because it has an open dripper, the aroma that comes from your coffee beans will spread within the room, which is what coffee lovers prefer. And since the top is open, you’ll be able to have a good view of the entire process, which includes an indicator light and then a series of chimes to add to the aural experience. Operating the machine is supposedly easy enough as you will be able to choose between regular, strong, and iced options.

The other design details added to The Brew increases its appeal for both casual coffee drinkers and coffee connoisseurs. The water tank is detachable and can fit with filtered-water spouts and can also be placed on the counter. The dripper cone can also fit in a standard dripper stand so you can have the prefect measurement of your beans. It also uses the bypass technique which adds water to the carafe after the entire brewing cycle. Basically, this is something I’d like to add to my collection as both a functional and decorative coffee device.