Desktop/Laptop Desk for Giant Freaks

As concepts go, most designs stand on their own merit and need nothing else to exist for them to hopefully one day go into production. Then there are the more rare concept designs that are completely dependent on yet other concepts to be created in order for the first to exist. Got that? So now that we got that out of the way, check out the “DesCom” by Sung-kyu Nam. Completely dependent on the existence of a giant Samsung media centric laptop computer, this desk beautifully and simply integrates the computer (almost) seamlessly into the desktop surface. Looks great when all together, but when the computer is gone you are left with a desk that has the only distinction of having an uneven surface. I love the idea but I think the negative surface created by the absence of the computer needs to be filled in or have another use. What do you think?

Designer: Sung-kyu Nam


  • Amit Bajracharya says:

    Well, whats the change comming on the way… everyday a new thing.. now just see this… Laptop and desktop computer at once… now no one can complain on the design at all… Great work dudes..

  • FLX says:

    Nice aesthetics but either that table is very small or that laptop is way too big. The idea would work better if you could flip around the middle part of the table… nice concept but the idea itself has much more potential.

  • jin woo han says:

    ㅋ 삼성로고빼야되는데

  • Ian says:

    A concepts for freaks!?! wow, harsh? How is this for “giant freaks”? It could easily be a 17″ laptop. This is why showing context in your concepts is such a key issue. The combo would be sold together as an option. I can see this being two separate concepts, the desk could be sold on it’s own and is adjustable to accommodate different sized laptops. I see no huge issues with the void the laptop leaves. When I’m at my desk my laptop is in front of me, I never use my desk without my laptop in front of me.

    • bystander says:

      I concur, in this day and age laptop is a MUST, I never use a desk without it. Great concept and if the void is there when the laptop is gone, it can be covered by a block of wood or something.

    • Clarify says:

      From what i can tell, that “laptop” would have to have at least a 24 inch screen. Look at the keyboard size and compare the span to a regular laptop keyboard. Also note that the trackpad is to the right of the numbers keyboard. I think the computer in these shots is at least the largest laptop in the world. I get the giant freaks comment. if built today, this laptop would weigh at least 15 pounds. nice design though.

      • Ian says:

        20″ laptops exist. I know someone with at 17″ and it has a full keyboard + number pad and still has space on the sides (although not enough for a trackpad). I’d say it’s a 19-20″, but could easily be sized down to a 17″

        • Willzville says:

          These days people don’t like using a mere 17″ screen on a desk, but only for laptop portability. Desktop (DESK TOP) use should be at least 20″ (hence why Imacs come at a minimum of 20″) making the whole removable idea useless.

          Have you guys tried out the 20″ Dell Laptop? Its so heavy and stupid.

  • Out2gtcha says:

    Interesting and possibly useful concept, but the table looks like a sparse POS.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    Has no one seen that HP 20.1 inch beast, with the screen on a bracket, its a desktop replacement, portable desktop, whatever you want to call it, its not a “laptop” but that looks about the same size as this. I see where they’re coming from with the concept of it fitting into the desk and I like it, but I still want a screen that can be raised a little higher, and I’de like my keyboard to be angled a bit, with a wrist rest..

  • carson says:

    great design… it seams that have another way to look for on design…

  • Peter Jolly says:

    I like this design. I would buy this if it came at a small additional cost to my new laptop. I use my desk for only using my laptop so this makes perfect sense to me. Great conceptional design, fantastic idea generation.

  • hattem says:

    it’s a stolen design

  • Barb Radke says:

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