Desktop/Laptop Desk for Giant Freaks

As concepts go, most designs stand on their own merit and need nothing else to exist for them to hopefully one day go into production. Then there are the more rare concept designs that are completely dependent on yet other concepts to be created in order for the first to exist. Got that? So now that we got that out of the way, check out the “DesCom” by Sung-kyu Nam. Completely dependent on the existence of a giant Samsung media centric laptop computer, this desk beautifully and simply integrates the computer (almost) seamlessly into the desktop surface. Looks great when all together, but when the computer is gone you are left with a desk that has the only distinction of having an uneven surface. I love the idea but I think the negative surface created by the absence of the computer needs to be filled in or have another use. What do you think?

Designer: Sung-kyu Nam