Time for a Raise

The persistence of time has never been more impressive as when witnessed by the subtle movement of this “D/A Clock” by Alvin Aronson. His ingenious design counts each passing minute and hour with raised expectations. This time piece fades through its 24 hour cycle with a series of digital LED inspired bas-reliefs. The white on white color scheme seems to reinforce the idea that time may not actually exist, and yet, I will never the less be counting the minutes until I own one of these.

Designer: Alvin Aronson [ Via: VVORK ]


  • -F. says:

    Brilliant. Will it be for sale somewhere?

    • Nestor says:

      I doubt it. Most things shown here are just conceptual designs that the designers never bother to move toward manufacturing. I’ve always though tho that there could be a very nice business for someone to licence and manage doing small runs of these products and then selling them both on the designers site and maybe here or other design sites.

      • bystander says:

        I concur, this site brings you some of the best design ideas from… um… well wherever they get them from. Sadly, some of the best stuff is just a ‘concept’ and isn’t actually available for purchase. I seriously believe that Yanko Design need to be the bridge between VC and the designers or something.

        • Nestor says:

          Hey, all it would take is someone in an office in China, make the deal with the designer, hire an electronics engineering student to work out the circuit et al, source the components and hire someone to assemble. Print up some instructions and boxes. Simple I think to do a small run of about 1000. I know I’d buy one (although smaller then in the video, around the same size as the Art Lebeved Verbarius clock (another on my wishlist). And speaking of Art Lebeved why isn’t the Folderix thumb drive not available. Pennies to build, Dollars to buy. And they look cool.

  • Ashwin Mudigonda says:

    Here is a video of it in action:


  • christen says:

    It can be a bit of a let down to see a killer concept and know it isn’t available on the market, yet or ever, but seeing these ideas is still exciting and inspirational in my opinion. If I had the money to invest, this would definitely be a dangerous site for me.

    As for this clock – it beautifully separates the ‘digital’ from the digital clock. Very elegant.

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