You Make Whales Cry, Meanie!

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We should all live by that mantra but it’s easy to forget, so we need sculptural furniture pieces like this to remind us. The table has a panted scene of fish happily swimming but sucio! There’s trash in there too. The oceans is a toilet you can’t flush so eventually all that crap sinks to the bottom and hurts an entirely different ecosystem. In other words, your trash makes whales cry. Stop it! 

Designer: Bo-ha Huh


  • AG says:

    I just have blue whale skin carpeting in my McMansion. Then I always remember I am killing whales when I get home out of my Ford Excursion, put on my Polar Bear robe, and walk around barefoot. Obviously there is baby seal skin flooring in the bathroom.

  • Ashwin Mudigonda says:

    You mean “painted” scene?

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