The elegance your workspace needs


Finding its intersection between the two categories of products that dominate our workspace, the LAY combines tech and stationery. Using a simple boolean union of forms, the LAY serves as a plug-point for your laptop charger as well as a power brick for your phone, while the V-shaped element lets you store supplies, writing equipment, or even notepads, etc.

The speckled terrazzo-inspired paint job on the LAY’s power brick/adapter breaks its mass in a way that doesn’t make it look like an unsightly block, but rather something more delightful looking… which is a good thing, because most tech accessories have a tendency to look blockish, utilitarian, and just plain ugly. LAY’s use of simple intersecting forms, intriguing CFM, and its ability to have the utility of a tech product with the aesthetic of a tabletop stationery stand, however, make it a breath of fresh air!

Designers: Joongho Choi, Hyunsoo Choi & Jeong Kim.