Wall Climbing A Cinch

The C-Bot may be peering thru your office window soon. Based on biomimetics, it uses a gecko’s innovative foot design as a template to climb walls without any artificial adhesion. Tho it may not look like it, a gecko’s foot is hairy, fine enough to only be seen on the micro level. This molecular adhesion, combined with C-Bot’s array of ultrasonic sensors means costly (and ugly) scaffolding may be obsolete. Theoretically you can build them big enough to carry a human. Now wouldn’t that be something!

UPDATE: it’s essentially a bionic climbing robot which creates a diagnosis of the building fabric.

Designer: Niklas Galler

The sensor emits ultra-sonic rays and gets the required information through specific ray reflection. Inner damages of buildings, like rust inside of reinforced concrete, or mildew infested walls, can be detected.

Three symmetry axis enables the robots to move in different directions, without gearing. The complex leg architecture, qualifies the C-Bot to navigate and kind of edge or spherical surface – also vertical walls constitue no problem. C-Bot can be steered via GPS or a 3D-map with all required information can be uploaded on its hard disk.


  • billy says:

    this is amazing (if it works). i question the theoretical technology, until it is tested and proven. if so, incorporate these pads into a hand, knee and foot connections. make me a body suit to scurry up walls, please. i’ll be spiderman, shhhh.

  • Rony John says:

    I must say…some people have real brains

    • ignorance is ignoran says:

      REAL BRAINSSS!!!!!! no really, I have a real brain, but i didn't know anyone else did. I don't feel like a freak anymore.

    • ignorance is ignorance, not bliss says:

      REAL BRAINSSS!!!!!! no really, I have a real brain, but i didn’t know anyone else did. I don’t feel like a freak anymore.

  • Howard says:

    Synthetic nano fibers that resemble gecko’s pads have been in the works for a while and certainly not by the designer. I think it was Cornell’s nano tech department that started it. Anyways, the problem is that the synthetic material does not secrete fluids to keep the fibers from attaching to itself, so after a few sticks, it becomes useless. I think recently, they found a way to polarize the fibers so they repel from each other. Either way, this “technology” has been tested and proven. Fiber matting is still a problem

  • billy you are funny man 🙂

  • ahaha.. i am so glad to see thw rod cinch beiing used!!!! haha.. love it
    i mean really.. why are they designing little robots to do this.. put out like big bill says… gloves.. shoes…. practical stuff so you can be a super creep!!

  • ITrush says:

    Looks like spiderman finally found his match. Very interesting.


  • koekoeh says:


  • abdou says:

    hey can u tel me where i can this in uk
    n how much it is i realy like it

    • ignorance is ignoran says:

      Almost all this stuff on Yanko Design is just concept art.

    • ignorance is ignorance, not bliss says:

      Almost all this stuff on Yanko Design is just concept art.

  • Rohit says:

    Amazing design.. Can this be used to detect mines? Could save lots of lives.

    • ignorance is ignoran says:

      This device makes no sense for that application.

    • ignorance is ignorance, not bliss says:

      This device makes no sense for that application.

    • midget says:

      mines arn’t in walls, noone walks or drives up walls. a land mine/a wall climing bot??? c-bot, c-mon!

  • dylan says:

    im doing research on this robot and i would like information on its tasks, when it was created, the materials, speed, weight, and power.
    if you could possibly give me this info before september 8th that would be nice

  • dylan says:

    if anyone would e-mail this me this info my e-mail is [email protected]

  • sertugrul says:

    I think this system works air stream pneumatics.

  • abinandh says:

    can i get the full project information details pls
    ..!! i wish to do any kind of bot ..!!
    but i dont have a basic idea about this ..!!
    could u pls help me?

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