Roomba’s Rebellious Cousin

I remember being a typically angry punk growing up in Miami and admiring graffiti artists with the ability to reach seemingly impossible heights to express their teenage angst with the world. What death defying lengths they must have gone through to tag their alter-ego names on the underside of a bridge or any other impossible to reach potential canvas. They were my super heros growing up and to this day, I am still not sure how they managed to pull off these feats of high flying wizardry. Was it aliens? Or rocket boots? Maybe even ancient Egyptian techniques are to be credited, but however they did it, it amazed me. From what I can gather, what you are looking at is a wall climbing graffiti printer for high tech(or very short) graffiti artist everywhere. Mysteriously named “Couleur sur l’Objet”, the assumption here at Yanko Design is that this is a automated robot designed with the purpose of aiding urban artist express themselves on difficult to reach, virgin areas of urban landscapes. I can appreciate the fact that graffiti artist are constantly on the look out for decent surfaces to showcase their talents, but isn’t using a robot cheating just a bit?

Designer: Stefan Rechsteiner

Text from the designer: “Couleur sur l’Objet” is in short a wall climbing printer, based on the principle of the vortex-robots that are able to climb walls with the help of suction. These robots are combined with a color application device and a controlling software that allows to print designs on large walls.


  • bychkoff says:

    Wow its very cool device for graffity writing and design. Does he sell out?

  • banksyfreak says:


    I bet he will do one day!

    I have some banksy and dface stuff for sale if anyone is interested?

    banksyfreak at

  • Thomas says:


  • cafenitro says:

    How the hell does it stay on the wall?!!

    • servant74 says:

      Basically a vacuum cleaner sucking it hard enough to keep it ‘plastered’ to the wall.

      When the battery runs out, well down it comes 🙁

  • Shane Crozier says:

    and then the very next morning a sister bot scales the wall to erase the artwork.
    there would be a great deal more interest in this device to REMOVE graffiti than to make it i think.

    • servant74 says:

      no reason not to. … Think of the amount of money the paint companies could make!

  • justin says:


    • bystander says:

      how is this pointless? For graffiti artists, it creates unlimited potential in what they can do now.

  • h says:

    So it’s spraying at the wall while sucking as hard as it can to stay up. How the hell do you stop it sucking all the paint up again?

    Plus the one in the pic above that looks like it’s halfway up a big pipe or curved wall – how is it going to turn round and come down again?

    Honestly, I hope someone gets fired for this

    • r says:

      you have zero imagination.

    • servant74 says:

      apply the paint ‘behind’ the suction as you roll forward. No one ever said you had to paint in front of where you are 🙂

      How to turn around and come back down? Adjust the angle of the wheels a little, and reverse the direction of the drive wheels. It should come down the wall ‘safely’. It is just a ‘small matter of software’ 🙂

      • someToast says:

        … except for that whole paint-can-in-the-middle-of-the-device thing.

        Or is the maximum painted design height eight inches?

  • ianmanning says:

    Nice idea though. Although it seems like technology could be put to better use

  • I think it’s a sick design, and would love to see it executed. The world would be colorful place with sicker bombs on the wall! All you haters are just pissed cause sit around in your Mom’s basement in your underwear and never explore the outside world.

    Awesome post Yanko! : )

  • saegasg says:

    This design is pretty flawed I would think, given that it can’t go over it’s own tracks, and so limits itself to a really low resolution.

    Check out this alternative project; it’s much better!

  • da bishop says:

    this is a concept design. It doesn’t actually workj. There are doubtless imporovements that could be made. There are certain mschanisms which are assumed to work, which might not.

    Nonetheless, the concept is perfectly real, and viable.

    Graffiti is intrinsically harmless, it’s just art.

    Murder, as a word, harmless.

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