Killing Trees on the Go

I have said it in the past and it still holds true, printers are one of the stupidest technologies on Earth. These single purpose machines are always screwing up. They process information like my grandmother on Valium and cost more to operate per use than smoking crack cocaine with a Belgian prostitute. That being said, printer design has (up until now) been very boring and unimaginative. Introducing “Trak” by designer Hung Chih Wang. He has brilliantly re-imagined mobile printing by placing the entire operation on the back of a laptop display. With a detachable printer head and USB powered, this ultra compact design should be perfect for road warriors everywhere…until it screws up and prints the same wrong page over and over and over and over again.

Designer: Hung Chih Wang


  • Benz_ID says:

    Really lov your idea about the mobility in printer.
    it’s truth that now-aday printers are not that much different from its previous day

    While your concept can really illustrate a “new view” toward printer design but it still get me some questions.

    That how would you bind or attach it with the laptop? velcro?suck cup? magnet?
    will it be strong enough to prevent it from falling down to pieces?
    Also about the weight could it will cause the display to bow down?
    And the heat that will be generate from your device will it has an effect to the laptop?

  • christina says:

    wow this is a really good idea

  • ID_downer says:

    Beautiful design exploration. i share the same questions as Benz_ID. also having the printhead tracks exposed like that just begs for crud and dirt to accumilate and screw up print alignment/precision etc…

  • Chunkylover21 says:

    Is it available for purchase yet? I am dying to get my hands on one of these.

  • Halfpastme says:

    thats actually pretty bad ass

  • Karol Krizka says:

    That’s pretty cood. Just one suggestion: get rid of the cable and make it connect via BlueTooth. Cables are always messy to carry around.

  • AG says:

    I never get enough of those “WHERE CAN I BUY” questions!

    “Me want NOW! Got cash, where do I put it to get thing?”
    “Where do buy it thing is at?”
    “Me spend money to get, where do I get?”
    “I look for to buy, but cannot buy, where do I buy?”


    95% of these items posted are concepts to be enjoyed, critiqued, and to further develop innovative design as a whole. They are not for you to buy.

    Again. You cannot buy these products.

    90% of the 95% shown will never be available.

    • Nos says:

      You should put the information about it not bing for sale at the top of the page. That way the questions will stop. Some of us get it, but after looking over all the comments, a lot don’t. Put it somewhere everyone can see–because you know not everyone will check out all the comments.

  • One Who is Good at M says:

    It's your fault if you operate a printer wrong and have it print the same wrong page over and over.

  • billy says:

    single paper feed, and stuck to the back of the laptop – nightmare! looks good but not practical, certainly form beyond function.

  • One Who is Good at Math says:

    It’s your fault if you operate a printer wrong and have it print the same wrong page over and over.

  • cafenitro says:

    Yeah, I know these products are just designs and will never be for sale….that said, Where can I get one?

  • I have been in the market for a portable printer for a while now. This one has sparked my interest because it is so compact and looks easy to use. Other than this one I’ve been considering the Canon Pixma IP90 I have read great reviews on that printer. In the meantime I’m sticking with my CloudPrint which is a free mobile printing service that works using a virtual server and a local printer. Check it out if you are on a budget or like seeing cool technology at work.

  • Willzville says:

    Good idea, too bad that its useless – these days not much gets printed, most things get electronically sent and viewed.

  • Davidson Rodrigues says:

    Desejo comprar uma impressora dessa, o que devo fazer, onde encontrar, e qual o presso da impressora. Favor responderem a meu e-mail.

  • Celio Avila says:

    I like buy…
    How much and where buy?

  • Rono says:

    Pretty but looks like it would have a lot of problems.

  • Angelninini says:

    How do you put the paper in???
    Ever thought abot that?
    Anyway, idea is great but how many pices of paper can fit as the printer is really small and catridges also have to fit inside!

  • martijn says:

    Cool design.
    Still… the printer never screws stuff up, the user does. Printers just get paper jammed or break down entirely.

  • ashkan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Kindly, please Let Me Know Where I Can Buy This?
    i am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards,

  • m.naveed anwar says:

    i love to like this product. plz send me rates and sample in pakistan.

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