The Mac is Back with a Double-Dose of Glass Phone Style Design

This man cannot be stopped with the design conceptualization. Once inside this post, read about it, post about it, then click his name to explore all the other Yanko posts he’s designed his way into. Here he presents two glass phone concepts. Both have multiple uses (one can be used as a regular stand-up desk clock!) and are extremely prone to fingerprints.

Designer Mac Funamizu for the render-win:

[The previous mobile phone concept] seems popular, so I made a few more designs with double glassy layers. Your fingerprints would have to be cleaned off so often, but I want to have one like these.

These would definitely need protective cases to make it through a day in my pocket, or any other regular human-being for that matter. And with a full-glass (and a little bit of plastic) construction, I wouldn’t be using it on anything but pure-pc-clean-hands days.

On the other hand, they are just gorgeous, as per usual.

Oh, and they are dubbed “Glassy Glassy” phones by Funamizu. Not to be mistaken for the “Gassy Gassy” phones which I’m in the process of making, lols.

Designer: Mac Funamizu