The Mac is Back with a Double-Dose of Glass Phone Style Design

This man cannot be stopped with the design conceptualization. Once inside this post, read about it, post about it, then click his name to explore all the other Yanko posts he’s designed his way into. Here he presents two glass phone concepts. Both have multiple uses (one can be used as a regular stand-up desk clock!) and are extremely prone to fingerprints.

Designer Mac Funamizu for the render-win:

[The previous mobile phone concept] seems popular, so I made a few more designs with double glassy layers. Your fingerprints would have to be cleaned off so often, but I want to have one like these.

These would definitely need protective cases to make it through a day in my pocket, or any other regular human-being for that matter. And with a full-glass (and a little bit of plastic) construction, I wouldn’t be using it on anything but pure-pc-clean-hands days.

On the other hand, they are just gorgeous, as per usual.

Oh, and they are dubbed “Glassy Glassy” phones by Funamizu. Not to be mistaken for the “Gassy Gassy” phones which I’m in the process of making, lols.

Designer: Mac Funamizu


  • Ja says:

    IDk one drop and these would be doneskies unless you had a rlly protective case which takes away from the coolness

  • Hilde Scheneider says:

    I would like to have one…

  • J says:

    ok…..where's the battery?

    • Lamah says:

      Where's the _battery_?? Where's the _anything_?

      • abv says:

        where do i put my sim card, my sd card? wheres my speakers? my headphone output? as sleek as this looks… kinda ridiculous.

        • fyrebug says:

          in the future we will need no circuitry. gypsy magic will run our technology.

  • Dave says:

    I feel obligated to report you for abuse of 3D software and failure to consider reality.

  • Carl says:

    agree with Dave, this is away with the fairies..!

  • reynwrap582 says:

    If it could actually work with present-day technology, it would be absolutely beautiful as a functional. However, it can't, which makes it not only a useless concept, but actually makes it pretty ugly. Face it, if your design concept relies on technology that doesn't exist, then the artistic concept better be ASTONISHING.

    Take the iPhone for an example. It's a beautiful piece of design because it's also highly functional (and I aint no fanboy, my iphone is the first and only apple product I've ever bought). But if it looked as it did as a concept that didn't have working technology behind it, it'd actually be kind of ugly.

  • ajr says:

    Sweet! If any electronics were ever to be called sexy, that would be called sexy, I'd love to see that happen.

  • pretol says:

    the designer forgot that processors and memory are not see-through. And as soon as he/she designs conductive material that is also transparent, can he/she please let me know ASAP.

    And if the phone internals fit in the hinge, then I'd rather carry just the hinge without the two pounds of glass.

    Design-schmesign… Looks like a buttload of bologna to me…

  • Henrique Staino says:

    "calling mom…" hehahahahehahaha!

  • andrew says:

    nanotechnology will allow this to happen, say 20years or so

    • Lamah says:

      Nanotechnology is a magical cure for nothing. Our processors are already using 45 nanometre fabrication technology. The antenna has to be large enough to be efficient at the frequencies used. There's a limit to how concentrated the energy can (safely, even) be in the phone's battery which can't be ignored.

  • Greg says:

    another product idea "form beyond brain"…I can only agree with Dave,pretol, reynwrap582, ja … I'm glad that not everyone here says "nice" or "awesome" to all these renderings 😉

  • Lim says:

    1St Year Design Student's Work…… Right People ?

  • Adam says:

    I can't believe this crap gets on this blog. Its utterly pointless. I agree with everyone talking about the imposibilities.

    I could have made a nice 3D design which looked slick and beautiful if it didn't have to work.

    Waste of space. Not even a 1st year design piece.

  • **** says:

    I like the creative direction that this takes, process is about eliminating impracticality and supporting originality. Sure it is a linear form with plain radii corners and is simple at best, but the ideas this brings to present is indeed inspiring. It's a beg, borrow or steal world, use the inspiration to post a better version.

  • M72 says:

    I got much better idea of a cell-phone. It would be made from force field :O that would be generated from little battery implanted in your skin. It would actually be mind controlled :D. Now what you say?

  • G says:

    apple wasn't worried about fingerprints, you don't need to either.

  • jahan says:

    how about form it and use it.not so flat meant !


  • Dinko says:

    Since we are stepping out of reality here I would totally love a cell phone with a light saber function.

    Could you render one Mac?

    How about one that teletransports you to where ever you are calling? And the light saber of course.

    Or better yet post your renders on a Photoshop forum.

  • ketjuni2 says:

    wow Just awesome ,unreal and unbelievable !!!

  • Artur Zinatullin says:

    Looks great on these pictures.

    But try to put on the real world photo as a background, instead of monotone surface. Picture's gone, huh?

    Try to set 90% transparency of Your browser window background. It becomes… useless.

    Yet another useless design…

  • Eric says:

    this design is awesome, but

    1. who needs wires?

    use a small attachment for power, use bluetooth for everything else

    2. Circuitry? What circuitry? (see link)

    i would love this phone if it were real…

  • I was really astound with all these design you got in here (^_^) I re-post your pictures on my blog I hope you don't mind, I did promote your site in return… thanks for this amazing information.

  • jaime says:

    this phone is so cool it really weird but where u kno everything haha when r they out for wat company

  • Luke R says:

    Pretty cool design, not much to it though.
    I would buy this phone even if it didn’t have all the extras a phone does now, I just want a phone that looks good and works with texts and phone calls.

    I take it this tech doesn’t exist yet?

  • Niiamh says:

    sign me up 4 1 now. i want!
    wen i want i shld get.

    nahh,, jokes :L

  • vamp says:

    well.. i like the design… it could be a possibility.. not in this era… but maybe in the future… and all the people just ranting out saying that its a bad design and that its not realistic, i’m pretty sure that the designer himself knows that its not realistic but that shouldn’t be a hindrance when a person is just trying to visualize something thats in his/her head. steps towards some goal can only be taken if someone visualizes the goal in the first place. If people like isaac asminov had not talked about robots and if researchers in the past felt that a touch screen was the most unrealistic thing ever, then our society would have been so technologically backward compared to what it is right now.

    i like the design…. dream on is all i can say. 🙂

  • clifton says:

    this looks so dang cool. i would like to have one but there is no price .plz write me the price of the phone

  • SANDEEP says:

    wow nice .. whats phone
    what design……… best!

  • NOMANCHES45 says:

    Guys this phone works great! right up there with iphone but way more.

  • esmond says:

    it would really be nice to have but it just seems like a host. theres no battery no speaker. its definatly possible in the near future but id question if this even really exist yet or is it just some cool image some one made up with adobe animations

  • Domaticus says:

    can see this but the design is a little flawed. it needs two solid peices on on top to hold circuitry for three cameras. one to face the Glass another to face you and the third to face away. using digital glass as the main part to show the visual effects. the bottom for the sim card and the Battery as well as a small central processor. as for the speaker and mic. glass can be set as a mic picking up the vibration. and small speakers are the norm. his design is plausable. but just needs tweaking to make it a reality. but love the design all the same. can’t wait to see if they try to turn it into glasses instead.

  • ishika says:

    hey buddie i hav choosen glassy mobiles as my seminar topic…..plz tell me the basic details of ths cell like how can we charge these cells,,,wat is the approx price of these models???plzzz do reply …it can help me alot…

  • bc dinh says:

    where can i buy this phone ??
    cant i order it ??

  • Redbear says:

    yeah, where can I buyy this phone and how much?

  • Jemma Baker-Pearce says:

    Could you please email me, on where to buy this cell phone.

  • amit says:

    where can i buy this phone. please give me the contact

  • paparaju says:

    i just want to know the model price and how to own this mobile

  • Paul says:

    No. Not 1st year student design work.

    And yes the tech is real. Samsung showed off a device (a phone) with a small black box at the bottom, much like the white box on this design, and with a single piece of completely clear glass/plastic.

    It was a real device which functioned. screen buttons and all.

    Barr not putting any input output ports everything is currently feasible and exists.

  • kielas says:

    i have 1 it coast 75,000 dollars it is so cool

  • hoved says:

    i wish i have one.

  • Dalene says:

    Thanks for your effort for writing “Glassy Glassy
    phones by Mac Funamizu Yanko Design”. Imight absolutely end
    up being back again for more reading through and commenting here soon.
    Thank you, Consuelo

  • raju says:

    Details of the mobile please

  • Hi, it’s awesome, I know Mr. Funamizu
    he is big designer.

  • roger green says:

    Sign me up for one where and when can I get on email me how to get one when

  • roger green says:

    I want glass phone tell how

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