Play In The Dark

A chess game which offers the possibility to play in the dark. Light is provided by four LEDs situated in the corners of the board. The separation of respectively black and white is made clear by matte and transparent pieces. All pieces are derived from one basic shape.

Designer: Daan Van Tulder


  • Hisgrouchyness says:

    It would be cool to have the squares change color depending on which players chess piece is on it.

  • Will says:

    For people less familiar with chess it would be near impossible to tell pieces apart. And that wouldn’t really work, Grouchy since the grid helps people organize their moves.

  • Chantz Bear says:

    I want this so badly, I may suck a chess but, I want this set badly!!!!

  • Kevin says:

    Where do I buy this?? This is a MUST HAVE!!

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