Who Ate My Pencil

In 1847 Therry des Estwaux invented the pencil sharpener. The design since hasn’t change much. It basically consists of a razor blade fastened to a cone. 8 (ATE) is a double – bladed stainless steel pencil sharpener which effectively sharpens both thick and thin pencils. One inserts the pencil into one of the holes, and twists the pencil while holding the sharpener steady. The inbuilt blade shaves the wood and also prevents the tip from breaking. And of course it wouldn’t be special if the design wasn’t great. A satin finish that looks wonderful even rolled over on its side.

Designer: Paul Sandip

Who Ate My Pencil by Paul Sandip


  • paul sandip says:

    this product has also won the red dot design concept award 2007. Click on the link to read more: http://www.red-dot.de/

  • nanigirl says:


  • zuy says:

    it’s a concept with the red dot design concept award 2007 but no manufacturer…

  • it is safe? It is probable get a cut on my finger…

  • zuy says:

    Paul , do you find manufacturer? Is any problem of safety? Ask me I can help you to find manufacturer in Europe

  • mx says:

    love it.
    is the black edge necessary? i want all stainless steel.

  • Hannah says:

    isn’t this just like a normal pencil sharpener? if it’s not, someone please point out the differences. i don’t want to sound like an imbecile.

    • vamp says:

      its just a normal sharpener… but the form is different and also more attractive than the usual… and thats the point of designing i feel. otherwise all cars are just cars … why would there be the need to have so many cars that look different.

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