No more burning midnight oil


Sitting obediently, like a watchful owl above your iMac, the Grph Light wonderfully illuminates your immediate workspace with a wash of warm light, almost like a soft spotlight above your keyboard. Since Apple’s external keyboards come without a backlight, and the mouse doesn’t really illuminate, the Grph adds a touch of functionality, allowing you to work in the dark. The Grph hooks to your machine via USB, giving you light without hogging a plug-point. It rests with sheer ease on the top of your iMac and can slide left or right, depending on where you want to shine light, i.e., depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. A simple button on the top allows you to toggle the 6 LEDs on the inside that provide 100 Lumens of light.

The Grph comes in a wooden body which some may love, but our only criticism is not having an anodized Aluminum variant to match the iMac’s style!

Designer: Massess