Lucky Bamboo Light

When did bamboo get so popular? It seems everyone has a lucky bamboo plant now. The Bamboo Light System is shaped like the fast growing grass but inserts a bit of utility too. The entire system is comprised of interlocking segments you can customize, kinda like a giant erector set. Build floor lamps, ceiling lamps, pendents, and sconces.

There are 5 segment types (which come in two different shapes, one almost straight and the other one slightly curved), a transformer, and different types of supports dependent on what kind of lamp it is.

The Bamboo Light System was inspired by the observing the use of bamboo in Japanese design. This wood is used for manifold purposes, yet the design is always elegant and simple. It may serve, for instance, to hold water, to mount scaffoldings, to build fences, and even eating.

Designer: Pablo Reinoso [ Manufacturer: Yamagiwa ]