Spruce Up That Bookcase With Ladders

When I think of those grand libraries around the world, they all have one thing in common – books so high up you need ladders to get to them. The Ladder Shelf plays on that by bringing a little whimsicality to any bookshelf.

The Ladder Shelf hangs on your bookcase and is adjustable. Each step is a small shelf, perfect for displaying all those bobbles and trinkets that would otherwise hide in drawers never to be seen again. Cute right?

Designer: Gye-Won Na


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    • specialkitty says:

      Dude that’s ridiculous, there’s no mention on wordpresses site that you have to give them credit (it’s open and free for you to do as you please with), but it would be a nice gesture. You do however have to credit someone if you’re using one of their themes etc.

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