3D architectural renders versus real designs that will inspire you

3D rendered designs are everywhere – right from movies to real-life settings, we have reached a time where it is almost impossible to distinguish between render and the real image of a place. Take for example the image here – on asking, most people prefer the image on the right, which may surprise you to know is a 3D render and not an actual image of the Living Wall, present in a home in Belgravia created by Biotecture.

What sorcery is this you ask? Meet Adrian Lobo, popular on Instagram by his company handle @a3render, a 3D visualization powerhouse working from Mexico whose skills have given a new life to this private garden. Using a mix of SketchUp, V-Ray, Revit, 3ds Max and more, the team specializes in creating realistic 3D visualizations of any given space. Scroll through to see more work by this dynamic team that will leave you in awe!

Below is the real architectural design – The Living Wall created for a private garden in Belgravia by Biotecture.

And this is the 3D render visualization by A3 Render.

The render captures the beautiful pebbles laid at the base with a yellow light that gives a warm, inviting contrast with white light streaming in from those sliding windows. An added spotlight from the top illuminates the entire structure.

Impressed? So are we. Here is some more great work by the A3 Render’s team for you to ogle and get inspired by!

Project Tulum House interior focuses on muted interiors with metallic accents to give the room a highlight.

Project Houston Maeva utilizes a splash of neon pink to create a focal point in the room.

The designer visualizes a chair and its fabric with great attention to detail that wows us!

Tons of natural lighting lights up the render of this Project named Restaurant Hacienda Centro.

Our friendly neighborhood Starbucks could surely use this interesting, inviting piece to entice us along with that heady aroma of fresh coffee!

The team at A3 Render sure loves adding a splash of retro with neon lighting and we love it too as seen in their Project Chroma.

The Project Colorado Springs showcases a raw concrete structure nestled between the surrounding hills. I’m sure this house will have some spectacular views of the mountain and the valley.

Marble, in both dark and light shades dominate the Bocce Restaurant.

The Puebla’s Cabin is a perfect mix of modern and rustic getaway for those who want a break from the cityscapes.