Cuptea Teabag Packaging Design by Lee Seo-jin

A Blooming Cuppa Tea

Cuptea is a delightful integration of a disposable cup and teabag packaging. Basically the cover of the teabag blooms into a beautiful disposable cup for tea….

Tape with Easy-to-Find End by Deockeun An, Jaehyung Kim & Cheolwoong Seo

Easy To End!

I love packaging designs that are subtle and yet make a world of a difference. For example this wavy Cellotape may not seem so brilliant at…


EZ for All!

The outstanding EZ Opener is a clever redesign of the can opener, simply because too many of us end up chipping our nails! Just kidding! The…

Re-paper Chopstick by Ran Hee Chung

Paper Sticks

Re-paper Chopstick is a relevant design to those who use disposable chopsticks on a daily basis. This D-I-Y pack of paper sticks is easy to assemble…