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Cuptea Teabag Packaging Design by Lee Seo-jin

A Blooming Cuppa Tea

Cuptea is a delightful integration of a disposable cup and teabag packaging. Basically the cover of the teabag blooms into a beautiful disposable cup for tea….

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Tape with Easy-to-Find End by Deockeun An, Jaehyung Kim & Cheolwoong Seo

Easy To End!

I love packaging designs that are subtle and yet make a world of a difference. For example this wavy Cellotape may not seem so brilliant at…

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EZ for All!

The outstanding EZ Opener is a clever redesign of the can opener, simply because too many of us end up chipping our nails! Just kidding! The…

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Re-paper Chopstick by Ran Hee Chung

Paper Sticks

Re-paper Chopstick is a relevant design to those who use disposable chopsticks on a daily basis. This D-I-Y pack of paper sticks is easy to assemble…

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SavePaste – Toothpaste Packaging Design by Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee

Get More Out Of Your Toothpaste Tube

Here is another intriguing Toothpaste Packaging design that makes total sense. SavePaste has a three-point agenda: To eliminate the hard-to-squeeze dead space, minimizing toothpaste residue left…