Flexible Origami-inspired bottle folds down to a compact, pocketable size!

There’s a certain, undeniable convenience to the plastic bottle. It’s easy to just take off the shelf, drink from, and then throw away once you’re done. You don’t need to worry about carrying a bulky bottle along with you that occupies the same amount of space, even when empty. The convenience of plastic is addictive, but it comes at a price. There’s a garbage island the size of Texas floating around in the pacific sea, COVERED with plastic bottles we used and threw away without batting an eyelid. Plastic bottles are preferred because they’re more convenient than carrying your own bulky empty bottles around with you, but the Origami Bottle may have a solution to that convenient problem.

Designed to be reusable, but more importantly, be collapsible, the Origami Bottle folds down to 20% of its original size when not in use. Small enough to easily fit into any bag without occupying much space, the Origami Bottle neatly folds down to a nice, portable puck that’s easy and convenient to carry around. When you need to fill it up, the bottle opens up to a full size of 25oz (750ml).

Made from a food-safe non-toxic TPE, the Origami bottle is characterized by its network of creases that cover the bottle’s sides. These creases act as fold lines, allowing the bottle to collapse and expand whenever you want it, but here’s where the Origami bottle’s design shines through. When entirely expanded, the bottle remains rigid and upright, thanks to the Origami bottle’s curved walls which become robust when the bottle’s opened out. When you need to fold the bottle down, just unscrew the cap and push against the horizontal crease lines and the bottle goes back to its small, portable form factor.

The bottle comes with a spill-proof leakproof cap along with an integrated carry-ring that lets you suspend it from your backpacks. Perfect for hot beverages as well as cold drinks, the Origami bottle can be used as a regular bottle during your day-to-day outings as well as while traveling outdoors. Aside from helping take plastic bottles out of circulation, the Origami is made from a proprietary material called Arnitel Eco, allowing it to be “closed-loop recyclable”, which means the bottle’s materials can be 100% recycled to the same quality. Pretty neat, eh? Did I also mention they come in a bunch of colors, and since they’re collapsible they’re also ridiculously easy to clean??

Designer: DiFOLD