Zero waste living is easy with this reusable tissue pack

Have you ever had a sneeze attack and you have just pulled out the last tissue from the box? Now, during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are stocking up on tissues and supplies more than ever. But if we pause a moment and think, this epidemic has increased the use of the very same single-use items that we are trying to curb for the sake of the environment. Copenhagen based startup, LastObject, has launched its new product called LastTissue that is exactly what we need in the current times for our health and also the environment.

Think of LastTissue as if a handkerchief and a tissue pack had a baby – it has the convenience of being travel-sized so it can be used on-the-go and the benefits of being sustainable because it is reusable. Each year 8,000,000 trees are cut down in the US alone to make facial tissues, and using this product alone can save the planet from 3,100 single-use tissues as well as their plastic packaging and 2 liters of water. One LastTissue box contains 6 reusable tissues made from 100% organic cotton that fits into a sleek, minimal case made with 100% silicone. The case is dishwasher safe so you can easily keep it clean and disinfect whenever needed. You can wash the tissues 460 times each which should last you many years! Production of LastTissue takes 3 times lesser energy which saves several tonnes of resources globally. The most important part, the LastTissue is baby soft (very essential during sneeze attacks!) so no more rashes on your nose due to coarse tissues or hand towels.

The impact of single-use tissues can be quantified roughly – 41 million trees are cut down every day (EVERY DAY) worldwide to make these tissue packs and this is before Coronavirus hit. Can you imagine how many more trees are being cut to fight the panic buying across the world? Toilet paper and tissues are the first to run out in stores and that damage to trees will be leaps ahead of 41 million. Just think of the mammoth-sized loss of wildlife and natural resources which will exponentially accelerate global warming – it is already at a place where we cannot reverse it and with every single-use item we buy, we thrust ourselves deeper into that black hole. With LastTissue, you can combat the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, the paper industry, and make a difference in the current climate emergency. Isabel, Nicolas, and Kaare – the founders of LastObject – created these products because they imagined a world where objects would last with dedicated use of sustainable alternatives that are easy to adapt to. Often we can’t make the switch because it requires a change in years of conditioned behavior but with LastTissue, it is as easy as covering your nose when you sneeze, it is inherent.

This ingenious product alone can play a crucial role in slowing down climate change as we know it, so what are we waiting for? Flu season is upon us and while the store shelves are emptied, you will be safe because reusability never runs out!

Designer: Nicolas Aagaard

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $72 (46% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $750,000.



Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $72 (46% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $750,000.