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Hey there, Hot Lips

I usually fall hook line and sinker for well designed/packaged stuff. Which is why i’m throwing money at the screen right now, but I…

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Creatura Drinks by Jérôme Olivet

Beastly Beverages

I’m a massive sucker for good packaging. I’d buy just about anything if it were packaged well. The Creatura line of beverages appeals to…

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Siren Extinguisher by Jeon Yangwon

Quick Exit And More

Combining a siren to the standard fire extinguisher is quite a clever move by Jeon Yangwon. The purpose of the design is to alert…

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Blood Bag Packaging Design by Ni-Hsin Chang

Only A Bloody Bag

The Blood Bag gets a redesign with this new concept, which hopes to resolve some key flaws through innovation. For example, the bag has…