Redesigned Kleenex Tissue Box is Stronger, and makes it Easier to Reach the Last Few Tissues

In the grand scheme of global design, it’s easy to take the basics for granted. Why bother redesigning a tissue box when we’ve got more pressing issues like solving the Climate Crisis, or going to Mars, right?! The case that needs to be made, however, is to look at the small problems with equal intensity as the larger ones. A problem ignored is a problem persisted, and with enough time, it really becomes a part of our life in general. Take for instance the humble tissue box. Outwardly, it’s a pretty simple product – a box with a cutout that you can dip your hands into to reach for tissues. Dig a little deeper and you realize that it isn’t perfect. The box’s inherent design makes it rather flimsy, and when you get to the bottom of the box, reaching for the last few tissues can involve some mildly frustrating deep digging… to say the least.

Designed by studio CLAY Inc. for Yuhan-Kimberly (South Korea’s joint-venture in charge of the brand Kleenex), this reimagined tissue box has a unique feature that allows it to overcome its past problems. When full, the box holds its shape really well (thanks to the tissues inside giving it volume), but as and when you reach the bottom, the box can be pushed into a new arched/curved structure that makes it much more stable, while reducing the the box’s overall height at the mid-section. This makes it easier to reach the bottom of the box without having the entire structure collapsing on you. The new box design is elegant, clever, and eco-friendly too, with the use of bamboo recycled paper in its construction. Moreover, it uses no ink (helping save cost while enhance recyclability) but rather comes with a simple Kleenex logo embossed on the side. The box is easy to use from start to finish, and once done, can easily be recycled or composted without any material impact on the environment.

The redesigned Kleenex Facial Tissue Box is a Winner of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept for the year 2023.

Designer: CLAY Inc. for Yuhan-Kimberly, South Korea