The James Brand’s vinyl record opening scalpel, 70s audiophile would have adored

The excitement of putting a new record on the turntable is something only purists can relate with. And when the vinyl record you’ve been after for ages is more precious than your priced possessions, opening the brand-new vinyl without even a semblance of damage is important. Reason enough for knife experts The James Brand and vinyl pros Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) to join forces to create a stylish EDC blade for immaculately opening vinyl record packaging.

Christened “The Abbey”, it’s a fixed-blade knife crafted out of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The interesting part is, that the EDC has real vinyl LP inlay made from recycled VMP records. When not in use audiophiles can tuck it away in a top-grain leather sheath, by the side of the turntable for next time use. It goes without saying this utility knife is tailored for this specific purpose, and is too refined for people who don’t mind a usual pocketknife or box cutter to do the task.

Designers: The James Brand and VMP

The Portland, Oregon-based group has created this quirky yet useful EDC purely for audiophiles’ love for analog copies of their favorite music. In fact, James Brand themselves seem to be from this very camp as they said, “ You know that feeling when you finally get your hands on a new record that you’ve been coveting? The first thing you want to do is get it opened up and spinning on your turntable. We know that feeling, and we designed the Abbey for precisely that moment.”

Coming on to the exact specifications of the scalpel, it weighs just 0.6 ounces and has a thickness of 0.2-inch. It comes with a custom TJB x VMP-branded EDC lanyard bead and 3mm paracord too – justifying its EDC DNA. According to The James Brand and Vinyl Me, Please websites, The Abbey knife is going to be available for a price tag of $79 in a limited number which makes absolute sense!