Plug It On The Window

The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively.

Designers: Kyuho Song & Boa Oh


  • Alicia says:

    We’d be the perfect distributors in Canada when production starts. send me a message and we’ll chat.

  • Vijay Jangir says:

    We are the biggest solar power plant and project management company in India. The product is simple yet very beautiful and functional and also a necessity. We would like to be distributors for you in India.

  • Melissa says:

    I am really interested in this product? When is it expected to be available? It seems like an ingenious idea to me. Keep in mind I am from Florida and we have plenty of sun here.

  • Hugo says:

    Any distributor in spain? I am interested for the spanish market, b2b and b2c!

  • Hugo says:

    Any distributor in spain? I am interested for the spanish market, b2b and b2c!
    A good network of shops and wholesalers.

  • This is verry interesting. I want this to try out and if it is effective working make it in Holland a great marketing thing for house buyers.

  • Maria Chen says:

    Please tell me where can buy solar energy socket?

  • L.T. says:

    There are more stupid people commenting on this page than on a typical YouTube video. SO MUCH STUPID. Fucking read before you offer to distribute a product that doesn’t fucking exist and can never work.

  • Bryan says:

    Science is not really your field is it Gabriel? Always wanted to take a trip to La La land.

  • Marcos Caila says:

    Thank you!

  • jon says:

    We would like to try on taiwan market pls contact me


  • jon says:

    We would like to try on taiwan market pls contact me

  • rick says:

    Were can I get them from.

  • Sarah says:

    Please contact me with information on how to buy one!

  • Hassan Bin Helaby says:


    I really like your product and I wish to know how to by from you like 2 dozens
    I live in Indonesia by the way

    Thank you

  • Wilfried Christokat says:

    Where can I buy it in South Africa or can I import them to SA

  • LUIS says:

    Hello. Great invention! Is it possible to buy it in or from Spain? Thanks

  • Shannon says:

    Okay, I’m ready to buy it! Let me know when and where! :)

  • Ashley K. Williams says:

    I am seeing is the outlet is for a gathering Alternative Current (AC) container. This requires the interior hardware to change over the recently archived energy from the electric cell or the energy being processed constantly from the sun based energy, that is Direct Current (DC), to AC. It might be much less demanding t just put a USB port at the end as opposed to a conventional AC container.

  • Carlos Azevedo says:

    Amazing product! Were can we buy it?

  • Robin says:

    Would like to purchase. Let me know when they are available. Thank you

  • kevin doherty says:

    Can u send me info on how and were I can get theys live in the uk

  • Please send info to me on face book

  • chrysanthi says:

    I want to buy one!could u tell me where?

  • chrysanthi says:

    How can I buy one?

  • lu says:

    How can I buy one?

  • Jennifer says:

    How can i buy one?

  • tom says:

    This is a wind up right? Anyone that wastes they’re money on this needs they’re heads testing

  • Raquel says:

    How much it would cost to produce this product? As it is?

  • wim post says:

    can we become your distributor for the netherlands?

  • charlotte says:

    thank you I love this>> can’t wait till I may own one!

  • Martin says:


    Pleace lett me know on my e-mail
    I am very interest to by distributor in Czech Republic.

    Thank you for aswer


  • Hany Mousa says:

    Need to know price and official Web site for this product please interested in big order. Thanks in advanced.

  • Nick Laterza says:

    I would like to know How much these Solar sockets will cost me per Unit to sell on my Retail store In the U.S.A

  • Dorthea says:

    I actually appreciate your work , Great post.

  • David Shemuel says:

    I’d be interested in Distribution Rights for Canada.

  • Andries de Swart says:

    I am very interested in your product. Please let me know availability and cost of this product.
    A. de Swart

  • David says:

    I am also interested in purchasing an amount for a fundraiser at my college of engineering. When would be a release date?

  • Long John says:

    It’s unbelievable that this idiocy continues! Why don’t you read the comments? This is NOT a product. With its size, geometry and idiotic connector, it wouldn’t even serve as a mobile phone charger, much less as something suitable for providing AC power. This is a JOKE, people!

  • bigfilsing says:

    Long John this is the “Jobs” principle at work. Give them pretty pictures and people will pay 1000 bucks for 200 bucks worth of technology that doesn’t work. I’m just surprised its not called the “i-plug”

  • Azimuth says:

    Chistopher (the second comment) nothing in your house uses 240 volts besides major appliances like your washing machine. The normal wall socket is 120v…

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  • Kenny says:

    is like a power bank … solar power bank. nice!

  • Ju says:

    Get an adapter!

  • HM says:

    It will. How do you think most calculators work?

  • ISR says:

    Yes, it will… a LED with a current of 10mA

  • ядерная says:

    Look, idiots…

    The most efficient solar panels on the market have a power of 175W/m2(wiki). This stuff has around 75cm2 surface, that means a bit more than 1Watt power. Even smaller power is enough to power a pocket calculator, but not a machine in the kitchen. The microwave oven needs 900Watts, the washing machine over 1kWatt.
    An other thing:
    There is that this thing has a 1000mAh battery, which can be charged in 5-8 hours and lasts 10 hours when fully charged. What battery is capable of carrying that much energy with 1000mAh? How many volts does it have? For a microwave oven it would have to be a 9000Volt battery. There is no such battery on the world. And I havent said anything about efficiency of transformers or weight of the battery.

    I dont want to violate anyone, but I have to.
    Selling this product is only possible in the usa, because there are such many idiots with two-digit IQ.
    For example, in Germany this would never work, and also not in Russia.

    But go ahead, buy it! Someone will become rich!

  • BlueSun says:

    @1000mAh this is going to provide you with enough juice to charge your phone for probably 4-6 hours. Tablets and others depending on the length. Most are correct though, if I want to run anything in a standard 120V US home or 240V for that matter, not going to happen. 1amp hour is not a lot, but could still run some things. However, if you charged your phone for 2 hours everyday, and just assuming you required 1kwH to do so at a rate of $.11 per kWh you would save $80, which is what this will probably price out at. 1 year buyback and potential for maybe 5 years working shelf life. I would buy one, or two.

  • Toby Nixon says:

    NOW! DO I want one, No, never not at all. (NOT)
    How much?

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