Your Laptop’s Best Friend

Introducing, Easel: the comfortable feet for your laptop! However simple, this ergonomic solution has many benefits for both laptop and user. Conveniently kept together with magnets, its easy to set up to keep your computer elevated, safe from surface scratches as well as overheating. This upright position also makes it easy on hands while typing and prevents eye/neck strain with its upright screen angle. See how it works —>

Designer: Jordan Mummert


  • Asbjørn says:

    In my experience, hand and lower arm ergonomics suffer with every inch a keyboard is raised or tilted up from the desk. Viewing ergonomics will improve with an elevated display, but I’d personally keep my hands and lower arms intact, and invest in an external display instead (the Easel don’t seem to work on the lap anyway).

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  • gorman says:

    You’re right, the ergonomics of this are very very bad.

  • tan says:

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