BraunPrize International Design Award 2009 Coverage

YD brings to you exclusive pictures from one of the most coveted ID Competition for 2009: The BraunPrize. This year’s EUR 12,000 prize money has been claimed by Johanna Schoemaker for the brilliant Clam I OLED Lamp, and she even gets the opportunity to intern for six-months at The Braun design department. Other Top 3 from the 22 finalists include Karsten Willmann for Skylino, Stephan Zimmermann for Anemone and Tobias Stuntebeck for White Cane.

You probably recollect seeing the Kahuna, Eintopf, KAPUTT.R, Tri-Surviving and Rescue Stick on YD, so check the awesome prototype that Braun did for the designers. It’s always a joy to see your fruits of labor take shape, so savor your victory you awesome designers! All 22 of you!

Special Thanks to Florian Wille

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