This ‘Among Us’ inspired heater does its one task pretty well!

A slightly stout and pudgier version of the Among Us astronauts, the Weird Heater (that’s what it’s called, apparently) is a pretty adorable anthropomorphic appliance that emits heat from its ‘face’. With an air intake on the back that pulls cool air in, the heater’s internal coils warm the air up before finally pushing them out the front… If the heater had a face-mask and foggy glasses, it would be the ultimate symbol of this pandemic.

The presence of an air-intake on the back means that the heater doesn’t have its signature Among Us backpack, but there’s a knob on the side that lets you power the device and control its temperature/intensity, oscillating between two settings. I’d call this concept pretty cool… but for a heater, that would be incredibly sus.

Designer: Haha Ha