The WESN Henry pocket-EDC is classy, classic, and will last a lifetime

There’s something very evergreen in the way the Henry pocket-knife by WESN is designed. Whether it’s the curves, the blade, or the choice of materials, the Henry feels like a robust, classic knife that could easily have belonged to your grandfather as it could to you. The Henry measures 3 inches when closed, comes with a 2.35-inch spear-point blade and a slip-joint hinge that locks it inside its Grade 5 titanium handle. There’s even a handle variant with a cherry-wood inlay for people who want their EDC to have a classic appeal.

The Henry wasn’t designed to be overly aggressive like most knives. Instead, it comes with a robust, reassuring, timeless design… like a well-stitched suit, or a groomed beard. The Sandvik 14C28N steel blade fares brilliantly when it comes to performance, and the drop-point spear-point hybrid silhouette makes the Henry great for all sorts of activities, from cutting wood and fruits, to opening letters and slicing through cigars. Perfect for carrying around with you, the Henry fits in most pockets, and comes with a neat leather sleeve too. A lanyard hole is built into the handle design should you choose to run a carabiner clip through it, but trust me, that wouldn’t do this beautiful piece of EDC any favors.

The Henry comes with a lifetime warranty and you can even choose to upgrade to a Damascus steel blade.

Designer: Billy Chester (WESN)

Click Here to Buy Now: $80 $115 (30% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $80 $115 (30% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!