Confused Between Mensuration And Menstruation?

I am having a crass sense of humor today thanks to designer Andy Kurovets, who brings us the Hygienic Sanitary Pad Layers Table and Sanitary Tampon USB! As if it wasn’t uncomfortable enough watching those adverts on the TV where “Blue Water” was soaked up by a pad, that now we gals have to endure an entire shelves-table depicting the layers of sanitary napkin soaking up the actual stuff. Maybe the boys need to know the difference between Mensuration and Menstruation!

Please note: this project was meant as a lighthearted Monday Morning Blues remedy (similar to the PMS we women face) and is not to be taken seriously

Designer: Andy Kurovets

Hygienic Sanitary Pad Layers Table and Sanitary Tampon USB by Andy Kurovets


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