This Wearable Climate Controller Keeps You Comfortable in Extreme Weather

In places like Phoenix, where temperatures can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit, or Florida, with its oppressive humidity, staying comfortable outdoors often feels like an overwhelming challenge. Sony’s latest update to their wearable thermal device, the REON POCKET 5, is a cutting-edge wearable climate controller that integrates effortlessly into daily life. For me, this accessory is indispensable.

Designer: Sony

This advanced wearable activates to cool or warm as soon as it contacts your neck and deactivates upon removal without manual controls. This automatic function liberates you from the hassle of manual adjustments, allowing a smooth transition from vigorous yard work to business meetings without the discomfort of sweat-stained clothing. As a parent, I hardly ever miss a tennis lesson or match, regardless of the weather. It can get chilly in the winter when you’re not moving much, and standing under the scorching sun isn’t enjoyable in the summer. This is why I’m extremely excited about this product.

Its sophisticated sensor array and thermal design technology are at the heart of the REON POCKET 5’s effectiveness. The device is equipped with five sensors: three dedicated temperature sensors, one combined temperature and humidity sensor, and an acceleration sensor for detecting motion. This comprehensive sensing capability allows the REON POCKET 5 to provide situation-specific adjustments finely tuned to environmental conditions and user activity. Whether facing a sudden rise in temperature or an increase in physical activity, the device adjusts its output to maintain optimal comfort.

Sony’s expertise in mobile device design is evident in the thermal management of the REON POCKET 5. The heat dissipation mechanism, perfected through hundreds of simulations, is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of the device’s Peltier element. This element, a core component of the device, uses electrical current to produce a cooling effect on one side and a warming effect on the other, making it ideal for both cooling and warming applications, depending on your needs. 

Moreover, the REON POCKET 5 is robust, being splash- and dust-resistant, making it suitable for both rigorous outdoor activities and everyday urban use. This durability ensures that the device can perform under various environmental conditions without faltering.

For commuters and those frequently transitioning between different environments, the REON POCKET 5’s SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE proves invaluable. This feature automatically adjusts the cooling or warming temperatures by detecting both the temperature inside your clothing and the ambient temperature around the device. It seamlessly switches modes based on environmental changes, even during days with significant temperature fluctuations, enhancing comfort without any manual input required.

The REON POCKET 5 also focuses on comfort and adaptability. Its innovative triple-layer construction features a flexible mechanical tube, a shape-holding wireframe, and a soft silicone cover, ensuring the device fits securely and comfortably for prolonged periods. The adjustable neckband is designed to accommodate a wide range of neck sizes and maintain the chosen position, providing personalized comfort that adapts to the wearer’s unique body dimensions.

Scheduled for release in Singapore in May 2024, with subsequent availability in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the REON POCKET 5 is a game-changer for anyone facing extreme temperatures. Its up to 17-hour battery life ensures all-day comfort, and it is capable of handling anything from an intensely hot day to a cold conference hall.