Dispensable Water

The Source Project indulges in a whole new way of purchasing and dispensing packaged drinking water. The system requires store owners and vendors to install a Source Water Fountain outside their shops, like how you have those candy dispensing machines. You need to do a onetime purchase of the special Source Bottle from them, and then fill up the water. Every time you purchase a refill of water, you get credited a certain number of redeemable points. The highlight is the unique water-filling process and the bottle.

The bottle fills via a valve in the base; see the video as it explains the process nicely. Oh, and the points are transferred from the fountain system to the vendor’s log via RFiD technology.

On the face of it I quite like the idea; however it will be a bummer if you have already purchased a Source Bottle and forget to carry it with you. The bottle design is pretty sleek and slim, but that only goes on to diminish its capacity. Meaning if you consume water pretty often (like you should), then you’re gonna need to tank up regularly. Also this system requires too much of an effort, no matter how sustainable and long lasting it promises to be.

Designer: Oliver Craig

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZhD0rC0RbY 468 344]

Source Water Bottle And Dispenser System by Oliver Craig






  • Lamah says:

    It’d probably sell due to the coolness factor alone.

    But… why not just install some public taps next to some public water fountains? We can just reuse the plastic water bottle we bought yesterday when we forgot to bring a vessel.

    • Klappstuhl says:

      Do you use these? I have to be honest here: I don’t. If just out of fear of getting infected with something (Malaria, HIV, etc.)

      I know, weird, but true.

      • elliB says:

        Maybe you should learn how HIV is transmitted. What is this, the 80s? You can’t get it from a water fountain…

  • KwangErn says:

    This would really do well in countries where drinkable water is sold from vending machines, eg Malaysia!

    Am guessing water is piped from the water grid? So this would require government support and guarantee of drink-safe water?

    Nice idea…but hmmmm…

  • Erich shin says:

    well.. I understood what you mean. But.. how to clean them up? hmmmmmmmm………..

    • Klappstuhl says:

      Not just that, but the second someone puts gum on it (which will definately happen), they might have to replace parts per week, which will be a pain in the arse, so the store owners will return to normal bottles.

      • vamp says:

        that was the smartest comment ever… lol… true true…. people+gum+lack of courtesy = really really annoying.

  • joe says:

    What is the point of this? Why would anyone use it over carrying their standard water bottle (you can get a Kor if you’re just looking for a cool-looking bottle) and free water? It seems this offers the expense of bottled water without any of the convenience. The most over-engineered thing I’ve seen on Yanko in a while.

  • Omg says:

    Omg here we go again, someone trying to re-invent the wheel – but as in most cases fails to do so.

    This has no thought behind it, its total insanity..

  • Esmond says:

    Even as a Malaysian, I’ve never ever used the public water vending machines I see. They just don’t seem hygienic. Its like “Hey, let’s get water from the machine that has everyone filling from it.” Same with this design, Malaysian machines probably get saliva on it while this would probably get dirt and like what vamp said, gum on it. This needs rethinking. Nice presentation though.

  • Seshan says:

    Probably better in a office environment, Minus the cost per refill. Like said before, keeping it clean out in the public will be hard.

    • Klappstuhl says:

      Office environments already have a similiar device. It’s called a water dispenser.

  • Max33 says:

    No, way.

    Agree with all of the sensible objections made above; hygiene, constant maintenance costs to keep hygienic, absurd cost to benefit problem, A bit of a backlash to bottled water in these tough times at least, etc.

    -And this looks to be even more expensive and more involved, because it would require more trips to the approved fountain to fill your special bottle that can’t be used anywhere else…


  • Loved it. Actually YankoDesign.com is the like the best desings comes to you.

  • Alan says:

    Agree.Hygien and constant maintenance costs. Dont even talk about ppl who try to steal and direct away the water. Too much to worry and spend for something simple.


  • laz says:

    If it was in a shop surely the chances of vandalism would be less due to CCTV people working there etc…? I would love to see this on the streets- WHERE CAN I BUY ONE???

  • Smtgr14 says:

    I think this design is perfect for a home emviornment or an office (as previosly stated) but hygeme is still a problem. Maybe you can do a simple standard bottle holing base and a device above it that sends a solid stream of water down into the bottle and be sure there is not much of a way to put gum on the valve.

  • water wizard says:

    good idea chap but a couple points, who’s gonna pay to pipe the bloody thing in! and also, any country with a few coins to rub together generally has a water supply on taps! they got there before you on that one! Don’t reinvent the wheel!

  • water wizard says:

    good idea chap but a couple points, who’s gonna pay to pipe the bloody thing in! and also, any country with a few coins to rub together generally has a water supply on taps! they got there before you on that one! Don’t reinvent the wheel!

  • Justin says:

    i love the idea of having the water coming out from the bottom of the bottle – saves water by reducing spillage, compared to drinking from water fountains!

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  • Jimmy C says:

    I’m with KwangEm on this one.

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