Dispensable Water

The Source Project indulges in a whole new way of purchasing and dispensing packaged drinking water. The system requires store owners and vendors to install a Source Water Fountain outside their shops, like how you have those candy dispensing machines. You need to do a onetime purchase of the special Source Bottle from them, and then fill up the water. Every time you purchase a refill of water, you get credited a certain number of redeemable points. The highlight is the unique water-filling process and the bottle.

The bottle fills via a valve in the base; see the video as it explains the process nicely. Oh, and the points are transferred from the fountain system to the vendor’s log via RFiD technology.

On the face of it I quite like the idea; however it will be a bummer if you have already purchased a Source Bottle and forget to carry it with you. The bottle design is pretty sleek and slim, but that only goes on to diminish its capacity. Meaning if you consume water pretty often (like you should), then you’re gonna need to tank up regularly. Also this system requires too much of an effort, no matter how sustainable and long lasting it promises to be.

Designer: Oliver Craig

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZhD0rC0RbY 468 344]

Source Water Bottle And Dispenser System by Oliver Craig