Revolving Part II

Before you guys go ballistic that you’ve seen this concept before, let me point of the differences…the previous one MAGI, was a light concept where as this one is an MP3 Player concept. In the lights one, the on/off switch rotated to increase the intensity of the light and here in the MP3, it rotates to reveal the controls of the player. Too much “inspiration” going on here…so I leave it to you guys to sort this one. Cool earbuds tho.

Designer: Rho Jung Chan

MP3 Player Concept by Rho Jung Chan





  • Lamah says:

    Okay, this solves the problem of accidentally pressing MP3 player buttons. But how do I operate this thing when it’s in my pocket? It looks like usability will be simply terrible.

  • wood wood says:

    where is the bettery for eyephone?
    no need bettery? great~

  • Croat says:

    I really like this concept, very clever and functional locking design. it would not be too difficult to learn button placement in your pocket based on the surrounding buttons and usb slot either. though it does lack a screen which would suggest it is a shuffle sort of design, but its size is very excessive compared to any other shuffle mp3 player. add a screen and I’m sold

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