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Form Beyond Function

Long-Term Coast Guard

Apparently, you can literally see garbage in the oceans from space. Currents carry them and they cluster at certain points and have begun forming…


Bendy wendy Bandaid

This is possibly the most simple thing but it’s high time band-aids became less of an annoying eyesore. They fray and come apart, sometimes…

Earlier This Week


Swang that Thang

For heating beverages without the need for external appliances, the R-CUP generates its own heat with a simple built-in rotating system. Within the cup…


More than Just a Desk

Co–nnection is a designed experience that connects design students to the creative industry. It focuses on people and relationships to ease the transition from…


Avant Garde Card!

Now here’s something refreshingly brilliant. Designer Li Wenkai raised a fundamental question. Why is the Credit Card flat? Does it need to have a…


A Hidden Wind

Hidden Wind is a solar-powered air conditioning concept with an intelligent interface that makes cooling your place a cinch with minimal impact to your…


One Tense Table

The Tension Table is a side table inspired by the notion of “tensegrity.” It was designed as a pure structure from which nothing could…


Window Breaking Made Easy

In the event of an automotive accident that results in incapacitation of the doors, the Emergency Hammer comes in handy for safely shattering the…