Top Ten Ways to Give a Stylish Makeover to Your Existing Kitchen

The kitchen is not only a space for cooking but it has evolved into a space for family bonding as well as an interactive space during social gatherings. Just like we pay attention to the décor of the living room and bedroom, it is advisable to enhance the overall look of the kitchen. Since it is not practical to dismantle an existing kitchen, here are some smart and easy ways to enhance the overall look of the kitchen without completely replacing it.

Designer: MAGPIE

1. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

Painting the cabinets can enhance the look of the kitchen at a fraction of the cost. When deciding on the color of the kitchen cabinets, make sure that the cabinets match with color of the countertop and the walls. Opt for glossy or matte finish paint on the cabinets and replace old knobs and handles with new ones as it is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of the kitchen cabinets.

2. Install Designer Tiles

Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

The kitchen backsplash can transform into a beautiful canvas for introducing color and pattern into your kitchen décor. Tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures, and have the ability to completely transform the appearance of any kitchen just like in this example above. The geometric tile patterns in hues of white, black, and grey combine with the all-white cabinetry to elevate the overall look of the kitchen and impart a modern look to the interiors.

3. Introduce Dual Tones

Image courtesy of: vanitjan

Break away from the conventional, monochromatic color scheme like whites, off-whites, and browns that are found in most kitchens. Instead, consider incorporating a bold, contrasting color or a vibrant shade to infuse a sense of joy into your kitchen’s design. One effective approach to achieve this is by incorporating dual tones, like the bold color combination of tomato red and dark grey overhead and base cabinets of this contemporary kitchen design.

4. Accessorize the Kitchen

One can enhance the overall ambiance of the kitchen by incorporating decorative cookware that is not only functional but also serves as stylish accessories. Some of the most commonly used items that can make a statement include colanders, platters, pots, pans, ladles, and dishes. They effortlessly form a vibrant and eye-catching display with their various shapes, sizes, and colors. Make it a point to keep the counters clean and clutter-free as cluttered surfaces pull down the look of the kitchen.

Designer: Ernest Perera

Dish racks not only hold plates, utensils, and glassware but also serve a dual role by facilitating the drying process via effective water drainage. The Aurea drying racks are crafted from “stratify wood,” and they resemble wooden cutouts that can be used for accommodating plates, openings for wine bottles, and raised sections for cups.

Designer: Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign

The Ovetto wastebin is designed by Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign while this egg-shaped waste and recycling bin is named after the Italian word for egg and it features an artistic and functional design. The bin includes three compartments for easy waste and recyclable sorting. In this bin, users can simply push one of the three circular hatches to dispose of their waste, and when it’s full, the sides can be opened for removal. Another interesting feature is that the bin has a concealed integrated bottle crusher on top, while its curved shell gives it an elegant sculptural appearance that makes it a decorative statement piece when not in use.

5. Layered Lighting

Image courtesy of: anontae2522

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of the kitchen is by designing the space with a layered lighting scheme. This includes ambient lighting for the overall illumination of the space, and task lighting, such as under-cabinet lighting or chimney lighting, which provides focused illumination for food preparation. One can replace ordinary pendant lights with decorative pendant lights in the kitchen or install statement lights above the kitchen island. Also LED lights can be used to illuminate the cabinets.

6. Introduce a Green Thumb

Introduce color and create an artistic kitchen space by hanging planters to showcase your greens or simply grow microgreens. This arrangement not only looks good but also provides organic food for the family while a fresh bouquet of flowers is also an interesting way to elevate the look of the kitchen.

Designer: Tilden Cooper (Assoc. AIA)

Nutraponics is an automated hydroponics system, that functions as a self-sustaining indoor garden that uses water-based solutions instead of soil. This innovative device simplifies plant care by managing growth and monitoring the crops. It combines various technologies, like the balanced light spectrum of the Grow Ring and an electronically controlled water pump, which delivers nutrient-rich water to plant roots through a patented water distribution panel, ensuring plants receive the necessary nourishment as and when required promoting efficient and heat-free growth.

7. Introduce Built-in Appliances

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

Upgrade the overall look of the kitchen and give it a clutter-free appearance with built-in appliances as they work as ergonomic space savers that ensure easy maintenance and create an organized and efficient workspace. Concealing appliances behind closed doors adds sophistication and gives the look of bespoke furniture with a seamless look. However, make sure that the cabinet finishes the match with the appliance fronts. Additionally, one can incorporate the range hood into custom cabinetry to complement the overall kitchen design.

Designer: Alperen Çağdaş

The HIDE is a sleek built-in oven with a hidden interface panel that functions as a hidden handle. This appliance combines the convenience of modern automatic doors, which seamlessly integrates with the kitchen aesthetics.

Designer: Samsung

Samsung has ventured into the Bespoke line that aims to enhance consumers’ lives through innovative design collaborations with artists and designers. The brand actively promotes global participation and recognizes the power of collaboration. Samsung’s Bespoke concept empowers customers to create designs that reflect their unique personality, transforming it into a creative partnership that fosters self-expression for both artists and consumers.

8. Create a Sitting Area

Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

In an open-style kitchen, one can improve the functionality of the kitchen by introducing a cozy breakfast counter with head-turning stools. This is a functional addition that not only provides extra seating but also serves as an interesting design statement.

9. Upgrade the Sink

The choice of sink material and the design of the faucets can immediately enhance the look of the kitchen and one can choose from options such as stainless steel, enamel-coated, fire clay, or granite sinks.

Designer: Shubh Wadel

The Grifo-A Sliding Faucet is an innovative faucet that is designed to tackle the challenges associated with conventional dishwashing methods. The faucet reimagines the sink’s functionality, reducing water wastage, introducing height-adjustable sink options, simplifying and expediting procedures, and implementing an efficient leftover food disposal system.

10. Install a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island helps create an extra countertop, that helps in creating a clutter-free space for cooking, and entertaining, and enhancing the overall look of the area.

Designer: Falper

The Falper’s Small Living Kitchens aims to revolutionize the kitchen experience in compact homes. It features kitchen islands that are meticulously crafted to impart a sense of spaciousness and luxury to even the tiniest kitchen spaces. The Small Living Kitchen makes a statement and seamlessly integrates into a variety of home settings, from apartments to houses. These tips will surely help you to upgrade the overall look of your kitchen like a pro.