Palais de Tokyo artisanal objects are open-ended art and functional pieces

When it comes to furniture and accessories, most people probably look for things that are functional rather than just decorative. Of course it would be nice if it can be both but for those that are more concerned about budget and usage, then the former is more important. But there are also products that serve more as decoration or art pieces that also has a secondary function as an actual piece of furniture or accessory that you can use.

Designer: Aequo Design

The OBJ Collection from the Palais de Tokyo is one of those that are derivative products that look more like art pieces that belong in an actual museum. They were commissioned to present the essence of the modern and contemporary art museum into miniature artwork that can still serve some function if the user so wishes to use them. But their purpose or function are actually “open-ended” so it’s up to the user to use them whichever way they want, therefore making them part of the creative process.

For example, the travertine stairs sees several blocks put together as “stairs” so you can use them as a candle holder, bookends, or whatever else you can use it for. The Zinc container, which is made from actual zinc pipes, can serve as a flower vase, pen holder, or even just as a design for your desk if you’re into the aluminum aesthetic. There are other things in the collection like concrete columns, powder coated rod, and a stainless steel pin, which you can use whichever way you want.

The design company says that there are two levels of reading the objects in the OBJ Collection. The first is to your “memory of the place”, which probably means how you interacted with the artwork in the Palais de Tokyo. The second level is where the function of the object comes in. It would be interesting how they will actually be used by people who buy these artisanal pieces.