Air drying rack can make your clothes smell nice and your room look pretty

One of the most annoying smells I can think of are clothes that dried indoors and did not get any air circulation. That musty smell can be suffocating, even if the clothes were actually cleaned upon washing. Those living in houses or condo units that do not have proper airing space for wet clothes may be familiar with this smell. But what if you can have a drying rack that not only helps your wet clothes dry but also add a pleasing scent to it even as it’s not actually aired outdoors?

Designer: Seungbin Lee

This is the idea behind Air Blossom, a concept for an air drying rack for those living in single households that don’t have proper air circulation. It lets your clothes dry while getting rid of the musky smell that comes from drying indoors through scent filters that are part of the drying process. Aside from this fragrant innovation, the rack can also turn into a display when not in use. Clothes drying on a rack are not the most aesthetically pleasing sight but afterwards, you can turn the rack into a piece of art in the background of your space.

On the surface, it looks like a folding table when not used for anything. When you unfold it and lock it down, it turns into an air drying rack that can is able to rotate your clothes as they dry. There is a filter on the side where you can put your preferred scent so your clothes will not have that dried inside musty smell. When you fold it up and want to use it as a display, the “blinds” close together to form a photo or a painting. It’s unclear if the image and the scent can be customized or if you have to choose from the different options available.

The photo renders show the air drying rack in different pastel colors so maybe you can choose from the one that can fit your home. As someone who lives alone and barely does any clothes washing but maybe still needs it every once in a while, something like this can come in handy.