This 3000+ brick LEGO Milky Way artpiece captures the chaos of our cosmic home

The Milky Way is estimated to have anywhere up to 400 billion stars, so it only made sense that LEGO’s reinterpretation of the galaxy was a chaotic combination of thousands of bricks too, right?! Designed for ages 18 and above, the LEGO Milky Way Galaxy (#31212) is a galactic hot-mess of plastic. With over 3000 bricks coming together to make the artpiece, this box-set is as challenging as it’s beautiful. The pieces are color-coordinated and come together beautifully to create the different bands of the galaxy we call home. There’s even a specific point on the painting where a ‘You Are Here’ tag marks the general location of our solar system, and by extension, us.

Designer: LEGO

Like most LEGO artpieces, this rendition of the Milky Way comes with a level of depth that a 2D printout can never have. The galaxy quite literally pops out of its frame, with the use of different bricks from all across LEGO’s catalog, creating beauty and unity in a kind of chaos that seems emblematic of our galaxy. No star or solar system is the same, which is why all the bricks are different too, with barely a few matches. Putting this artpiece together should either feel extremely confusing or rewarding!

The entire painting comes together with a staggering 3091 bricks, featuring popular celestial phenomena such as Trappist-1, The Pleiades, The Crab Nebula, and The Pillars of Creation. Given how detailed the entire artpiece is, it’s split into five panels for easy assembly, each accompanied by a dedicated instruction booklet, fostering a collaborative assembly experience for families and friend groups. To elevate the journey, each booklet unveils a curated soundtrack filled with fascinating Milky Way facts accessible via QR code. When complete, the entire piece measures a staggering 15.5 inches tall and 25.5 inches wide.

The LEGO Milky Way Galaxy starts at $199.99 and begins shipping on May 18, 2024.