For the Dank of the Sea

This rather dank looking project is a masterpiece of our watery other-world of the ocean, called “House on the Beach” by designer Hugon Kowalski. This…

Maniacal Webbed Metal

Based on a 1995 NASA experiment in which spiders were exposed to various chemicals then were tested based on the patterns of webs they spun….

This Bike is a Lock

So you need a bike. You need a bike that’s also a lock, and that’s all you need. It’s black, and it’s metal, and that’s…

Flaming Auto Daydream

Bora Kim uses my favorite first step to create this automobile from the heavens: sketching. Take a look below to see Kim’s amazing illustration skills….

Icy Auto Fantasy

The muscle of the future is made of clouds. Clouds and sharp edges. Shawn Deutchman presents this concept car, the “Cerulian;” a pillow fantasy on…