A Holy Lamp for Lovers of Illusion

Created with just an LED strip, a ring diffuser, a power source and a mirror on a bit of back support, this is Aureole, a unique lighting solution. You’ll find that what you’ve got here is a halo of light, made whole by the mirror that sits behind a crescent of LEDs. Hang a series of these on your wall and have a lineup of holy rollers in the making.

Ever want to wake up each morning and feel like an angel? Yuxin Han has the solution for you. Of course the Aureole isn’t made specifically for you lovers of the circlet of godly presence, but it does have a rather pointed nickname: “Jesus Lamp.”

And what’s more, this design isn’t just looking great when its all constructed – the components come in such flat pieces that you’d potentially be able to mail this whole project in a flat manilla envelope! That said, you probably wont want to because glass is breakable: USPS won’t like that!

Designer: Yuxin Han