Flaming Auto Daydream

Bora Kim uses my favorite first step to create this automobile from the heavens: sketching. Take a look below to see Kim’s amazing illustration skills. This auto is inspired by the light that enters a room through an open door. From Kim’s mind: “darkness and desire, eternal sunshine, the road to realization, and collision of senses.” What kind of mystical nightride could this possibly be?

Behold the “Burning Freedom.” The outer shell is made of transparent and semi-transparent pieces. Each piece is plain white while at rest, a plethora of colors when utilized or shined upon by passing lights.

Kim’s motto is “true freedom comes from within.”

Designer: Bora Kim


  • Carl says:

    a knee jerk reaction to design. take what exists and break every rule in the convention book. this is not necessarily a bad thing, but the current conventions do carry with them feasibility sobriety and rational.

  • Mat says:

    I like it, I think it looks awesome but I don’t see what differentiates as a car and not a piece of art work made up of perspex?

  • M.S.W. says:

    Reminds me of the early 3D racing car/pod games (Like Starfox) that where limited to low volume polygon counts. Also it has traces of lineage to the Batman Movie “Dark Knight” vehicle “Tumbler”.

  • R says:

    Amazing concept

    because of a lot of safety regulations (how it needs to reduce the harm done to pedestrians if it hits someone)I can’t see how this will pass…..

  • Shane says:

    clearly superman can only drive his ice-mobile in colder climates, thus he needs a perspex version for more temperate climates. 🙂
    looks hot.

  • Joe says:

    Light through an open door, shivering surface, eternal sunshine….

    Sounds artistic and inspiring, but the final produce delivers only surface depth aesthetic “innovation”. While this is still valuable to explore, I still believe that as a system the auto should be thought out more holistically. With the massive global population growth and exponentially increasing, interactivity between countries, I think there are more pressing matters to address and could have been here (even in this project). A flashy, poetic, dreamy car is a solution. But, I ask, what was the problem to be solved? It appears as it could be ANYTHING; house, book, bathtub, church, defibrillator, space igloo, Yhves Bhar’s hat…

    This comes of to me as a rather over-worked form study at concepting phase. I don’t feel a complete idea.

    • confucius says:

      I agree. Its a tad abstract to be called a car, its as much a car as it is a lampshade. I thing were getting a bit metaphoric with these designs.

  • Yoo kyung Shin says:

    It’s much cooler than I expected!
    Wow Well done!HaHa
    See you soon
    I’m very proud of you and your work.

  • Lone says:

    Good presentation, positive mental exercise, appealing outcome, but the word ‘car'(what the word defines now) just doesnt connect in these projects. Even as a matter of abstraction its just too vague. The exercise would be more effective if the students (or whoever is doing these projects)were required to integrate some real engineering or function into the designs, even if it was purely hypothetical or fantasy.

  • Julien says:

    Draw first, justify later.
    Justify it as a car, that’s always the easiest.

  • bob says:

    pleeeease people!
    share the crap your smoking!

  • pixelbath says:

    I had to look at the images for a good couple minutes before I even realized this was a car, and not “abstract art.” Similar to confucious’s comment, this is as much a car as a Pollock painting is a still life.

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door knob?

    On 2nd thought, where is the door?

  • Colin says:

    A car?…. What?

    If she simplified the design a bit more, without all the rugged edges pointing outwards.It could possibly a more modern version of a boat..

    But a car really? If she removes the pretty plastic. The design would look old and outdated.

  • kolin says:

    not sure if i’d want to get in an accident in that car

  • ray ban says:

    it’s a releaf to know that this would not be a pass in some schools.
    girl, use sunglases and a shade! i think a little to much light entered your mind through an open door.

  • george says:

    I am curious as how people are packaged in that “car”. The driver probably doesn’t even need to turn a steering wheel, because the direction of the car is telepathically controlled. Wait..probably there is probably nobody inside the car.

    Interesting exercise for car as an abstract piece of art..Yeah abstract really…good thing it’s school project. Get it out of the system, and once you got a job as a car designer shape the clay cars rationally so they will look good.

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