This Bike is a Lock

So you need a bike. You need a bike that’s also a lock, and that’s all you need. It’s black, and it’s metal, and that’s about it. But I’ll tell ye what, it’s darn secure. DARN secure. When the thing you’re trying to lock up is the lock, what more do you want? It’s the “Freelock.”

Are you a police officer? Can you tell me if this will be really really really secure? Also are you the bike fashion police? Will this be really really really cool on the streets?

Keep rolling.

Designers: Bong Hokuen & Ko Yoenjung


  • M.S.W. says:

    Very interesting design. Only thing that it needs from here is to upgrade it to active suspension system (coils,spring,or gas struts) to smooth out the ride. As well as make the handle bar and seat height adjustable in order to assure a broader market base.

  • Demetrius says:

    I’m trying to picture what the frame will look like hanging from the bike rack after someone steals the wheels off this. (because they WILL!) Better make the wheels quick-release so they can be easily removed and locked onto the rod as well. You might have to re-assemble your bike every time you leave a Starbucks. But, at least it will all still be there.

    • M.S.W. says:

      The designer could add built-in fork locks to protect against the theft of the wheels.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Puma has a bike that locks in a much cleverer and simpler way. Check it out!

  • 92BuickLeSabre says:

    I do appreciate that once it is stolen it is unrideable.

    Well, unless you just stick another piece of metal in there.

    But who wants to do all that work?

  • Bokusatsu_Tenshi says:

    Yeah right.
    Buying a very unconfortable looking design bike with a lock that won’t work for most cases from which the tires will probably be stolen…
    INNUVATIONS these days…

  • PaddyDugan says:

    Personally, I’d ride one before passing any judgement at all. And since I have never designed anything remotely as creative as this bike, I would hesitate to criticize. Besides, it looks pretty cool.

  • Monique says:

    It seems like an interesting idea. But in my experience, if you take that bike to any European country, where biking is common, then this lock might not do the trick. People will go for the wheels. I always have to lock my wheels round poles because they always go for the wheels first to steal.

  • steveo says:

    How do you steer with a square neck? (Not a cousin to the redneck).

  • chickenman says:

    hey man this is asweet bike it is prety auesome when i go mountain biking i could use one of thes beasts

  • chickenman says:

    BOOOOOOOhya man its a good bike do you make them

  • lay says:

    This form is very similar to this one.

  • Frog says:

    I must say I’m not a fan. I’m sure making the entire bike a lock isn’t the best solution, how about integrating a flexible lock/chain into it, or designing a real bike with a lock as a feature. Crazily, just use a lock?

  • internetgurl says:

    the seat looks like a hemorrhoid waiting to happen. integral to the lock design, it appears, but functionally disastrous for use as the bike. you might as well leave it locked to that street lamp post because riding it home gives you a burning sensation already.

  • wayne says:

    The bike I can take or leave, but I’d sure like to have a set of those wheels!

  • anoynemous says:

    i was stupid enough to buy this and it got nickedby a 12 year old using a stick

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