10 Best LEGO Sets for Adults: Creative Projects to Build at Home

Constructing and putting together precise and intricate LEGO structures as a child was one of my favorite hobbies, and to be honest even now. I could spend hours sitting and creating the little builds, and I still hold those memories dear to my heart. I’m sure most of us have nostalgic and heartwarming memories associated with LEGO blocks from our childhood, as well as the not-so-heartwarming ones of stepping on them with our feet and feeling an insane amount of pain shoot up our legs. But nowadays LEGO is no longer considered child’s play. Master builders and LEGO enthusiasts all over the world have been creating impressive LEGO builds, and we’ve curated a few of our favorites for you!

1. Brooklyn 99 LEGO Build

I love Brooklyn 99, it is one of my favorite TV shows, and it has the capability to put a smile on my face anytime. LEGO creator Ben Fankhauser immortalized this amazing show with his lovely LEGO build which captures the 99th precinct – all rooms and characters included. The set is quite detailed and intricate, and it includes loads of details – from the bullpen to the captain’s office, and the printer room too. Secret details such as Holt’s pet corgi Cheddar were included too.

2. LEGO Zelda

LEGO unveiled a Zelda-themed playset, and it captures the Great Deku Tree in a fascinating 2-in-1 build. The playset lets you build a variant of the tree in its early stages, or even in full bloom as seen in the 2017 game – Breath of The Wild. This set also has a bunch of familiar characters like Zelda, Link, and more! Consisting of 2500 pieces, the Great Deku Tree provides an interesting 2-in-1 build experience, letting you build the iconic tree.

3. LEGO Tetris SOLID

Say hello to the LEGO version of Tetris Solid. LEGO builder ‘victorvey300’ paid tribute to Tetris on its 40th anniversary by building a LEGO Ideas set. It includes a box with a lid that serves as the game’s screen. Bricks are placed in a container below, and the controls are located on the bottom right. The top right functions as the leaderboard. Once the box is closed shut, the bricks don’t get lost, they’re safely placed within.

4. LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP

You can now build a LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP and have a roaring LEGO automotive. You need to put it together with the same attention to detail as all Technic creations. Putting together the build piece by piece brings an extreme sense of satisfaction. It features realistic function, movement of chain drive, 3-speed transmission, 4-cylinder engine, working steering, and front and rear suspension.

5. LEGO Barad-dûr

Lord of the Ring fans should rejoice as LEGO has recently released a LEGO set themed on Barad-dûr – which is Sauron’s iconic stronghold. The set contains 5471 pieces, and it includes the tower with the Eye of Sauron topped on it. This sinister eye keeps a lookout on his domain. The tower features four main sections – a prison, a throne room, a kitchen, and an armory. If you’re lucky enough to get the set before 7, you also get a complementary 269-piece Fell beast with wings.

6. LEGO Icons Retro Radio Set

Meet the LEGO Icons Retro Radio set! It is a 906-piece set, which celebrates the iconic musical era of the 50s and 60s. The LEGO set features bright color accents in white and brown. It stands tall at 13 inches, 9 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep, making it an impressive LEGO build. It is amped with nostalgic faux wood-colored trims, a pretty pastel bluish-green exterior, speaker slits, a tuner window, and an extendable antenna.

7. LEGO AMG 63 G-Wagon SUV & AMG SL63 Convertible Roadster


Mercedez and LEGO have teamed up to create the LEGO version of two acclaimed cars – the AMG 63 G-Wagon SUV and the AMG SL63 convertible roadster. The performance cars are available in a kit with 2 driver minifigures, and the sets are a part of the LEGO Speed Champions line. The 2 cars combined together are made up of 808 pieces, with the G wagon featuring a black color, and the SL 63 Roadster a yellow. They showcase authentic design details captured from real-life models.

8. LEGO Motorized Beating Heart

LEGO builder Anatomical_Brick’s ‘Motorized Beating Heart’ is designed to be a near-perfect replica of an actual beating heart! It outputs 55 bpm and is made entirely from LEGO bricks and is powered by replaceable batteries. The model includes a LEGO Technic frame with two interlocking slider mechanisms and a scissor element. It is an ingenious design that supports dynamic adjustments to the height and width of the structure.

9. LEGO Milky Way Galaxy

Say hello to the LEGO Milky Way Galaxy. This galactic hot mess of plastic includes 3000 bricks, which are joined together to create a mesmerizing art piece. As stunning as the final build is, it is also equally complicated to make. The different pieces are color-coordinated, and they are merged together to build the different bands of the galaxy. The set also includes a ‘You Are Here’ tag which pinpoints the general location of our solar system, and us.

10. The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull (76964)

Meet The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull (76964). It is designed to be one of the first Jurassic World sets created for museum-like display. The set includes 577 pieces and contains an intriguing T.Rex skull with an opening jaw, as well as a stand to showcase it. The Jurassic World set also contains an info plaque, a fossilized footprint, and an amber piece at the back, making it a LEGO set worthy of an impressive display.