Barad-dur LEGO set brings Sauron’s sinister tower from Lord of the Rings to your work desk

All Lord of the Rings fans should get excited about the new LEGO set themed on Barad-dûr, Sauron’s iconic stronghold. The 5,471-piece set features the sinister tower topped with the Eye of Sauron, the disembodied eye that overlooks his evil domain. Those who’ve watched the movie will instantly remember it as the “giant black tower with the flaming eye on top of it.”

This set will come at a price tag of $500 with availability to commence from June 1 for LEGO Insiders and from June 4 onwards for other buyers. The Barad-dûr tower will have four main sections – a prison, armory, throne room and a kitchen. Those who’ll get their hands on the set on or before 7 also get the complementary 269-piece Fell beast set with posable wings for the intimidating flying creature and the Nazul minifigure.

Designer: LEGO Ideas

The 32.5-inch tall and 11 inches wide Barad-dûr set has references to the movie in the form of Easter Eggs filled inside the interiors. Minifigures including Sauron, Mouth of Sauron, Sam, Gothmog and Orc also grace the build. Sections of the set include a pair of mechanically operated front doors and a dark throne that hides the secret room of the Palantir. There’s a forger for sharpening the weapons of destruction, a lava pit with a suspended skeleton cage and feasting for orcs. The top of the tower opens to reveal the throne room with a hidden map and ladder to access the top floor. In the middle of the structure is the feast table and orc armory. At the bottom of the tower, there’s a working door.

Frodo is not forgotten with the stolen Mithril coat and the hidden map, while Shelob has a tiny spider to complete the details. Interestingly the LEGO set can be stacked with more modular pieces to increase the height of the already towering structure that is even more impressive (and taller) than the Rivendell set which is the last official Lord of Rings set by LEGO. The tower is topped by a replica of the Eye of Sauron having a light-up brick to cast a subtle glow in your den.