LEGO launches first-ever Zelda Playset for fans and enthusiasts priced at $300

While LEGO’s released quite a few game-themed playsets in the past few years (the Super Mario and Animal Crossing ones immediately come to mind), they’ve notably missed one title that’s arguably had just as big an impact (if not bigger) on the gaming community as Mario and Animal Crossing. I’m sure Zelda fans have waited with bated breath for the day LEGO dropped a Zelda-themed playset and looks like that wait finally paid off. LEGO’s first official Zelda Playset captures the Great Deku Tree in a 2-in-1 build that lets you either make a variant of the tree shown in its early stages, or in full-bloom as shown in the franchise’s 2017 game, Breath of the Wild. The set also includes a whole slew of familiar characters like Zelda, Link, and many more!

Designer: LEGO

Clocking in at a hefty 2,500 pieces, The Great Deku Tree offers a unique two-in-one build experience. Zelda veterans can choose to construct the iconic tree as it appears in the opening chapter of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, complete with a section inspired by the Deku Tree Dungeon and a miniature replica of Link’s house in Kokiri Village. Feeling a touch more recent? The set also allows you to build the weathered and majestic Great Deku Tree from Breath of the Wild, complete with hidden Koroks.

Beyond the impressive tree itself, the set boasts a treasure trove of characters and accessories to bring Hyrule to life. We’re talking buildable figures of Link (both his classic and Breath of the Wild incarnations), Zelda, and even a creepy-crawly Skulltula. The set also includes iconic items like the Deku Shield, the Sheikah Slate, and the legendary Master Sword, nestled snugly in its pedestal.

With intricate details, playable features, and a whopping piece count, The Great Deku Tree promises an immersive building experience for Zelda fans of all ages. Whether you yearn for the nostalgia of Ocarina of Time or prefer the open-world adventure of Breath of the Wild, this Lego set caters to both sides of the Hyrulean coin.

The Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree set is available for pre-order now for $300, with a release date set for September 1st. So grab your rupees, dust off your Master Sword replica (safety first!), and get ready to embark on a Lego brick adventure through the beloved world of Zelda.