Handsfree Landline

Sadly not much innovation has come about in landline phones, which is why the Wavelength comes as a breath of fresh air. Basically the phone does away with ‘any external receiver or headset to transmit and receive sound.’ What this means is that you talk totally handsfree without the fear of eavesdropping and multitask like taking notes or chop some vegetables!

How it Works

As a substitute ‘Wavelength’ uses a directional (parametric array) speakers and a directional (parabolic) microphone to transmit and receive audio. This allows the user to engage in a completely private conversation through this device without having to hold or wear anything, making tasks like writing a note on a piece of paper or typing on the computer while on a call easier. During a conversation ‘Wavelength’ (with the help of a camera and rangefinder) will track the users face. A two axis pivot allows ‘Wavelength’ to aim the speaker and microphone accordingly. A detachable display and number pad can magnetically dock to the front of the device for charging. In addition the user can choose to activate the speaker and microphone on the detachable remote, if they wish to use the remote as a traditional cordless phone.

Designer: Daniel Fitzgerald